2:13 PM EST, Sat December 09, 2023

Do you own or write a blog that covers a specific sports team? If you include our team players widget on your blog, your posts will automatically be added on Sportsoverdose team and player pages. Here's how it works:

  1. Include our widget on your blog.
  2. Use our contact form and send us a link to your blog with the new widget on it
  3. We’ll start scanning your blog feed and within 1 to 2 days, all your latest and future blog posts will appear on Sportsoverdose

This is a free and easy way to get your content seen on Sportsoverdose. Read our FAQ below for details.

Choose one of the widget sizes below by copying and pasting the html code right into your blog. The widget updates automatically with the latest team player news.


Why should I add my blog to Sportsoverdose?

Get increased exposure to your blog and have your content linked throughout Sportsoverdose. You also get this awesome widget that updates your readers on the latest news and rumors happening with the team’s players.

How will my content appear on Sportsoverdose?

Just the title and short description of your posts. Clicking on the title will take the reader directly to your blog. We will NEVER iframe your content.

Do all my blog posts appear on Sportsoverdose?

Yes, we automatically scan your blog feed for your latest posts and they will all appear on Sportsoverdose.

How long will it take for my blog posts to appear?

It should take about 1 to 2 days after you've contacted us letting us know you've added our widget.

Why was my blog rejected?

We do not accept blogs that use excessive profrane, vulgar or offensive language. Your blog posts must be original content and written in English. We usually only accept blogs that focus on a specific team or teams from a specific city, division or conference but we sometimes make exceptions. Those are usually the reasons we might reject a blog but we do reserve the right to not accept a blog for any reason.

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