7:53 PM EDT, Thu May 05, 2016
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7500 To Holte 16 hours ago

West Ham displays how the rest of the Premier League can ‘catch up’

Everyone’ll focus on Leicester City’s achievement and what it means for “smaller” clubs in the Premier League. But it’s overshadowing (for good measure) a great season at the Boleyn Ground — and West Ham’s season tells us more about where the Premier League is heading, not Leicester’s. In a sentence thing I never thought I’d have to type, Leicester City are Premier League winners. What in the world? In the aftermath of Aston Villa’s relegation from the Premier League, I’d been spending some time watching our 1980-81 title-winning team and reading up on the opinions of...
7500 To Holte May 4, 2016

Leicester winning the title is a victory for the Midlands and football, but a loss for Birmingham

Congratulations to the Foxes and commiserations to the city of Birmingham What a story right? Leicester City have had the audacity to go and win the Premier League against all odds. In all honesty, we should have seen this coming - this form started last year and everyone wrote off the great escape as just that. An escape, but not the launchpad to the title. Well done. Saying that, I can feel my jealousy rise within like an ulcer. Burning so acidic within my soul. I can't help it, don't blame me. I've made my love for the city of Birmingham known throughout my writing. I love my home. An...
7500 To Holte May 2, 2016

Can Aston Villa bounce back to the Premier League?

MattVillan looks at the likelihood of bouncing straight back to the Premier League by considering those who have come before. Aston Villa, 7 time First Division champions, 7 time FA Cup champions, former European Cup winners and 1890 English Baseball Championship winners will finish in last place in the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League season. Despite being perennially mediocre in the Premier League (only one finish in the top 2, no titles and 2 trophies = mediocre), that hasn’t yet happened in this modern era. As the club has so little experience in these matters, we have decided to take...
7500 To Holte May 1, 2016

Video recap of Aston Villa's gut-wrenching loss at Watford

TalkAstonVilla is back to take us through yet another punch in the gut delivered by Aston Villa. Aston Villa spent most of Saturday's trip to Watford with a lead. But then, in the final few minutes, they let Troy Deeney do his thing. Two quick goals later and we were left with yet another inexplicable loss. Cole Pettem of TalkAstonVilla takes it all in for us. Thank you for reading and following along with 7500 to Holte! If you'd like more like this be sure to check out the Wasted Corner hub that we've set up. Goals, videos, funny tweets, and the like will all be kept there for your...
7500 To Holte Apr 28, 2016

Gabby Agbonlahor steps down as captain and apologises to fans

A humbling step for the Villa player who now steps down as club captain. Gabby Agbonlahor has stepped down as Villa's Club Captain with immediate effect following his 2nd suspension of the year. Agbonlahor has also taken steps to repair his fractured relationship with Villa fans by apologising through his Instagram account. I want to begin with an apology to all Aston Villa fans for my actions in recent weeks, especially at a time when it is devastating for everyone involved with the club. I am stepping down as club captain with immediate effect as I do not deserve to carry out...
7500 To Holte Apr 28, 2016

Libor Kozak announces his own injury

AGAIN!? Libor Kozak has taken the time today to post a picture of himself on social media. It's a photo of him, lying in a hospital bed. Injured. Again. Libor :( pic.twitter.com/7XYMHV54nc — Tom Jones (@TJVillan) April 28, 2016 Libor Kozak came back to fanfare back in January, but did absolutely nothing before disappearing again. This comes after a broken leg which was fudged up by a dodgy doctor. I've got to assume he is done in claret & blue which is damn sad, Libor wasn't a bad guy and I'd have liked to see him stick around. The truth is, Rudy Gestede offers a bit more and is...
7500 To Holte Apr 28, 2016

What would Damien Comolli bring to Aston Villa?

MattVillan looks at the idea of Damien Comolli coming to AVFC by considering his player recruitment history On Tuesday, The Telegraph reported that should the Chinese consortium be chosen as the preferred bidder for AVFC then they have lined up former Spurs, Saint Etienne and Liverpool footballing director Damien Comolli to take a similar role at Aston Villa. Naturally, this proved rather controversial amongst Villa fans, as he is largely known for his unimpressive spell at Liverpool where he spent thirty five million English pounds on Andrew Carroll. Is there more than meets the eye with...
7500 To Holte Apr 28, 2016

Key dates revealed for Aston Villa’s Championship debut

While we aren’t close to the fixture reveal for next season, we now have a better idea of when Aston Villa will first take the pitch next season. Aston Villa’s first ever Championship campaign won’t get underway for a few months still, but if you’re a nerd like me, you’re at least interested in planning ahead to see what a world where the Claret and Blues could actually, you know, win matches looks like. We got a better picture of that yesterday, when the Football League announced key dates for the 2016-17 campaign, including the date of the fixture release: We’ll learn Aston...
7500 To Holte Apr 26, 2016

Villa legend set to make shock return to first team football?

Stan Petrov wants to play for the Villa. Stan Petrov didn't have an easy path to the hearts of Villa fans. He was pretty below-par when he joined the club and only really kicked on towards the end of his time in B6. That time would be tragically cut short by a cancer diagnosis that led the Bulgarian into early retirement. That being said, Stan is a survivor. He kicked cancer to the curb and started helping out behind the scenes at Bodymoor Heath and has voiced his concerns about the club via his twitter account in the past. The climax of all of this comes now. The Birmingham Mail has come...
7500 To Holte Apr 24, 2016

Exiled Villa defender calls out Eric Black

Jores Okore has ZERO time for anyone. Jores Okore hasn't covered himself in glory recently. From comments leaked via his agent regarding lack of contract negotiations at Villa to his recent 'refusal' to play for Villa's first team after being offered a place on the bench by caretaker manager Eric Black, Jores has been a bit of a naughty boy recently. It's all been capped off with comments on the Dane's twitter feed tonight: As you can see, Okore flat out denies that he refused to play for Villa at all. This calls into question statements made by Eric Black that...
7500 To Holte Apr 23, 2016

Aston Villa fans give Joleon Lescott the derisive chant that he deserves

The Holte End wouldn't let Joleon Lescott forget the stupid things he said last weekend. In a world of Aston Villa that has Gabby Agbonlahor and Randy Lerner, Joleon Lescott has somehow managed to make himself the most hated figure at the club. After last weekend's relegation, Lescott spoke to the press and said that relegation was "a weight off our shoulders and we can play with a level of freedom and give these fans what they deserve." Judging by his inept performances today, if the weight is indeed off of Lescott's shoulders, it's been put right into his boots. And the Holte End made...
7500 To Holte Apr 23, 2016

Aston Villa vs. Southampton: Westwood provides a rare bright spot in 10th consecutive loss

Aston Villa lost again, and they didn't look very good doing so. But Ashley Westwood is a treasure. There is literally no point in recapping this match. Final score was 2-4 because that's an obligatory thing to put in the first paragraph. You've seen it before. Aston Villa, with a back line of Bad, Terrible, Worse, and Awful managed to provide no support to their keeper (Fumblehands) and shipped four goals to Southampton in their tenth consecutive Premier League loss. If you want more details, please go read any of the recaps that we've written for the past nine matches. They tell you...
7500 To Holte Apr 23, 2016

Aston Villa vs. Southampton live stream 2016: Game time, TV schedule and how to watch online

Aston Villa are hosting Southampton and it's the penultimate Premier League match at Villa Park for at least a year. We've got everything you need to follow along. Oh god we have another one of these? I thought we got to stop playing once we were relegated. Maybe that's what I had just hoped. But noooo, the misery continues. And today it's a visit from a Southampton team with almost nothing to play for. Tune in to find out which team will figure out the way to give the fewest cares and which team might accidentally try to do something. We've got everything you need to follow along below....
7500 To Holte Apr 23, 2016

How realistic is this Ellison link?

Mattvillan takes a look at what might appeal to Larry Ellison and what might put him off In the last few days, Aston Villa, as you may be aware, has been subject to some considerable speculation with regards to its ownership situation. It all started with boardroomgate, followed by stevehollisisinnegotiationsgate followed by announcementinfourtyeighthoursgate, and finally lernerstatementgate. With all that in mind, on Thursday morning the Birmingham Mail ran with the headline that there were 3 contenders for the club, engaged in a rather concerningly titled "tug-of-love". Of these...
7500 To Holte Apr 22, 2016

Aston Villa vs. Southampton 2016: News, updates, preview, and more!

We've got all of our coverage as Aston Villa host Southampton right here. Since we last spoke, we've had a lot happen at our beloved Aston Villa. The club lost. The club were relegated. Joleon Lescott said stupid things. Board members resigned. Stan Collymore threw fits. Fans threw fits. Takeover talk re-emerged. And everything looks to be suitably insane. So why is it that everything feels so... boring right now? Jack and Robert dive into the week and focus on the big issues. With relegation guaranteed and no actual concrete takeover news, it's tough to really care about the club. Eric...
7500 To Holte Apr 22, 2016

Preview: Why are you still paying attention to this Villa squad?

Aston Villa are relegated, and Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards are going to start at centre back. Stop watching. Don’t even bother. Already-relegated Villa host Southampton tomorrow, and you shouldn’t care. Find something better to do with your life. What to know about Villa Jores Okore probably won’t play for the Claret and Blues again, and Ciaran Clark is injured. You know what that means! (Hint: Don’t watch Joleon Lescott and Micah Richards concede 20 goals.) What to know about Southampton Actually, I’ve been really impressed with Saints this season. Whenever a club...
7500 To Holte Apr 22, 2016

Aston Villa defender refuses to play again this season

Jores Okore isn't happy, and appears to have gone on strike Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Jores Okore and interim manager Eric Black have had a bust up, and Okore is apparently refusing to play again this season. Freelance journalist Ben Dinnery Tweeted the following: Jores Okore will train with the Under-21s for the remainder of the season. Refused to play again in 2015/16. #AVFC— Ben Dinnery (@BenDinnery) April 22, 2016 This all stems from Aston Villa's 2-1 loss against Bournemouth from a couple of weeks ago, before which Okore refused a place on the...
7500 To Holte Apr 22, 2016

Reclusive Aston Villa owner finally speaks out on relegation

Randy Lerner takes the blame for Villa's downfall Aston Villa have today released a short statement for their owner Randy Lerner. The statement is brief, so I've put it below for your pleasure.. A nagging sense of inevitability set in against Leicester City despite the late lead we enjoyed. Can't say why although I doubt I'm alone... How many seasons after all can one hold on and hope to slide through? That is not Aston Villa. That kind of desperate existence is totally unacceptable, unbearable and totally incompatible with Villa's glorious past. That is not what, or why, I looked to get...
7500 To Holte Apr 22, 2016

Episode 88: Aston Villa takeover talk in the wake of a tumultuous week

It's episode 88 of the Holtecast and Jack and Robert are here to break down another crazy week of Aston Villa. Since we last spoke, we've had a lot happen at our beloved Aston Villa. The club lost. The club were relegated. Joleon Lescott said stupid things. Board members resigned. Stan Collymore threw fits. Fans threw fits. Takeover talk re-emerged. And everything looks to be suitably insane. So why is it that everything feels so... boring right now? Jack and Robert dive into the week and focus on the big issues. With relegation guaranteed and no actual concrete takeover news, it's tough...
7500 To Holte Apr 21, 2016

One man's struggle to support Aston Villa because of his physical disabilities

It's not easy following Aston Villa. It's harder when you're in a wheelchair, though. Ian Burnip recounts a few tales of his experiences at AVFC games, from the disabled seating areas. Editors Note: This article was written by the excellent Ian Burnip or @folicacid on twitter. It has been a hard season if you're a lover of the Claret and Blue. Attendance has plummeted, goals are rare and the player's mentality has made lemmings look happy-go-lucky. In a week that has seen board members go, our club captain suspended and 500 loyal servants not responsible for the shambles of AVFC's season...

Player News

  • Gabriel Agbonlahor

    Gabriel Agbonlahor

    Gabby Agbonlahor out in the cold again

  • Joleon Lescott

    Joleon Lescott

    Aston Villa fans give Joleon Lescott the derisive chant that he deserves

  • Jordan Ayew

    Jordan Ayew

    Aston Villa's Jordan Ayew and Idrissa Gana could face rap for row with fans

  • Jores Okore

    Jores Okore

    Jores Okore hits back at Aston Villa claims

  • Andre Green

    Andre Green

    Arsenal and Liverpool chase Aston Villa starlet Andre Green as Premier League clubs eye 17-year-old winger