5:35 PM EDT, Tue October 21, 2014
7500 To Holte Oct 20, 2014
One Moment: Winger's performance personifies woeful Villa

One Moment: Winger's performance personifies woeful Villa

Were we expected to win? No, but we were expected to turn up. They all need the hairdryer treatment, but one man needs it more than the rest... I’m going to start by giving credit to Tom Cleverley and Alan Hutton. They gave a decent account of themselves against Everton. If the 9 other players had approached the game with a similar mentality and application, we would have stood a chance. Sadly, the rest of them put in a performance barely worthy of the shirt. Without going into copious amounts of detail in the lack of pressing, defensive cohesion and clueless attacking, there’s little...
7500 To Holte Oct 15, 2014
The cult of the playmaker – and Tom Cleverley

The cult of the playmaker – and Tom Cleverley

With Villa's current drought of possession, what's lacking in the Villa midfield? A look at how the answer is more than just magicking up a playmaker. The most frequent cry of a football fan when asked what his side needs is the dream of the playmaker - someone to "make things happen. The reason is obvious - that creeping despair that fans see when their side has the ball and seem more clueless than Mark Lawrenson in the 21st century. The reason I call this a cult, is because it believes in a mythical thing, the player who can instantly make something happen out of nothing. The truth is...

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