4:04 AM EDT, Wed July 23, 2014
Braves Journal Jul 20, 2014

Phillies 2, Braves 1

Aaron Harang had another quality start, pitching 6 scoreless innings. He ’s won his last 4 and really pitched well enough to win again tonite. Dare i say this…i’ve come to enjoy watching him pitch. My 9 year old has better velocity, but the Harangatang has movement, he locates and changes speeds. He also leads the team […]
Newsday Jul 10, 2014

Mets' hot bats cool off against Braves' Aaron Harang

In what way should the Mets' recent offensive uptick be perceived? Is it a temporary surge, the kind of modest hot streak even the lightest of light-hitting lineups typically experience at some point in a lengthy season? Have the Mets truly turned a corner?
Rotoworld Jul 10, 2014

Harang limits Mets to one run to grab 9th win - Aaron Harang (S) Atlanta Braves

Aaron Harang earned win number nine after limiting the Mets to one run over seven innings of work in Thursday's start.
Mets 360 Jul 10, 2014

Game Chatter: Aaron Harang vs. Bartolo Colon (7/10/14)

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