4:28 PM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016
Viva El Birdos Aug 19, 2016

Game 121 Recap: Game Played, Events Ensue, Cardinals Prevail

It's tough to recap when you don't see a lot of what happened, but hey, I know the final score and saw SOME things. Here they are. The Cardinals just beat the Phillies 4-3. That was fun, right? Probably yes? Unfortunately for me, due to Comcast's raggedy service quality -- is Comcast a SBN sponsor? I hope not, because I am here to tell you: they are no good; they are bad -- I viewed this game as a series of loosely related vignettes and still images. Here they are. Lineup Adam Wainwright started, coming off his worst game in forever, against Adam Morgan (who is bad). The...
Viva El Birdos Aug 18, 2016

The Cardinals are pushing Carlos Martinez - A Hunt and Peck

The Cardinals righty seems poised for stardom. In a rotation that seems to be inconsistent at best, the closest to a sure thing this season has been Carlos Martinez. He has been the Cardinals second most valuable pitcher behind Adam Wainwright, who has derived half of a win from his surprisingly strong bat this season. He leads the team in wins (for whatever that is worth), leads the starters in earned run average and strikeout percentage and has an ERA- of 79 and a FIP- of 92. But with increased performance comes increased expectations. From timeliness to game details, that Cardinals are...
Viva El Birdos Aug 7, 2016

8/7/16 Recap: Local team ruins everything

sometimes it’s important to remember that all sports are bad Following a rather calamitous 13-5 defeat at the hands of the Atlanta Braves, a team which by most accounts is spending its 2016 season preparing for a future which will almost definitely be brighter than its present, today seemed like it would be a different story. After all, taking the hill for the St. Louis Cardinals was Adam Wainwright, who after a somewhat uninspired start to the 2016 season has re-emerged as the team’s top starting pitcher. And taking the hill for the Braves was Mike Foltynewicz, a player whose name I...
Viva El Birdos Aug 2, 2016

Cardinals lose in brutal fashion in 7-5 walkoff loss to Reds

The Cardinals lost a game they should have won. I don't think this one was Matheny's fault. To start with the elephant in the room, I don't actually think Mike Matheny is to blame for this loss.  Most people do.  But a lot of things happened that he can't really control.  I think he made one mistake, but it's mostly hindsight.  For the most part the bullpen completely and utterly let the team down and you can't really do much about that. The Reds got on the board first.  Adam Wainwright walked Billy Hamilton on 10 pitches to begin the game.  Hamilton was 0-7 with 7 strikeouts and one...

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