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Adam Wainwright may miss Cardinals' season opener

Adam Wainwright won't pitch in exhibition games until mid-March because of his abdominal strain, a delay that could prevent the St. Louis Cardinals ace from starting the major league season…

Cards' Adam Wainwright diagnosed with abdominal strain

Adam Wainwright has been diagnosed with an abdominal strain but the St. Louis ace could be available to pitch the Cardinals' opener at Wrigley Field on April 5.
Sons of Steve Garvey Feb 26, 2015

Grandal, The Sleeper

Fantasy baseball writer Eric Karabell says Yasmani Grandal will have a breakout year for the Dodgers (link insider only): Let’s be honest, I prefer to use the word value when describing players I like more or less than most in whatever fantasy league we’re talking about because the simple terms “sleepers” and “busts” are oft-misinterpreted. For example, look no further than St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright. Is it fair to call him a potential bust? I suppose, but if you ask me to project numbers for him, they’re obviously going to be better than what I expect...

Cardinals get good news on right-hander Adam Wainwright

The Cardinals received good news Thursday afternoon concerning ace right-hander Adam Wainwright, who had returned to St. Louis to be examined by a specialist to determine the severity of his…

Wainwright heading to St. Louis for abdominal exam

Adam Wainwright called his impending trip to meet with doctors in St. Louis to discuss his lower abdominal pain "strictly precautionary."

Cardinals send Wainwright to St Louis

The Cardinals are sending ace Adam Wainwright to St. Louis to be examined by a doctor after his workout Tuesday was cut short by abdominal pain.
Viva El Birdos Feb 24, 2015

At least Adam Wainwright's medical evaluation is not going to be of his throwing arm

Yes, I realize a pitcher needs an abdomen to throw. The Cardinals announced on Tuesday that Adam Wainwright is flying back to St. Louis for medical treatment. It’s a testament to the generally unhealthy nature of repeatedly hurling a baseball overhead and the questions surrounding Wainwright’s throwing elbow in particular that, upon hearing the nature of his ailment, lead one to respond: "Whew, just abdominal pain…" Yet that’s where we are. Or at least I am. Three years after Wainwright’s 2011 season ended before it began due to Tommy John surgery necessitated by a torn ulnar...
Viva El Birdos Feb 24, 2015

What if Jaime Garcia is healthy and pitching well on opening day?

For the last few years, an unhealthy Jaime Garcia has gummed up the works. A healthy Garcia in late March might do the same this year. The St. Louis Cardinals' starting rotation is set up to look like this on opening day: Adam Wainwright Lance Lynn John Lackey Michael Wacha Carlos Martinez Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Injuries are a way of life in baseball generally and for pitchers in particular. The St. Louis rotation members collectively bring enough question marks into camp with them to resemble one of Edward Nigma's jumpsuits. But it might be lefty...

Cardinals' Wainwright has abdominal soreness, will be examined in St. Louis

After experiencing abdominal pain that has limited his workouts but not his ability to throw, Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright will return to St. Louis to see a specialist Thursday.

Wainwright: Cards had solid TJ rehab plan

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Terry Collins has mentioned possibly patterning Matt Harvey's return from Tommy John surgery after how the St. Louis Cardinals reintroduced Adam Wainwright to the majors in 2012 from the same elbow procedure. Wainwright expressed approval Monday at Cardinals camp regarding how St. Louis officials handled his return. Jeff Roberson/Associated PressAdam Wainwright endorses the plan the Cardinals had for his return from Tommy John surgery.

Cardinals plan to limit Wainwright's workload

The St. Louis Cardinals intend to limit Adam Wainwright's workload during the spring and perhaps into the season, something their ace isn't completely confident should be a goal.
Viva El Birdos Feb 9, 2015

Visualizing the creation of the 2011 World Series roster

Taking a look at how the 2011 World Series Championship roster was created. Last week, I recapped the 2011 World Series, showing what happened to that roster in just a few years time. Today, we take a look at how that roster was created. Like I did with the current roster, I have created a visual to show how every member of that team was acquired. Without the Adam Wainwright trade that traced back to Eli Marrero's drafting in 1993, this chart goes back only to the 1997 when Adam Kennedy was chosen by the Cardinals. This chart shows 38 total players compared to 42 on the present...

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