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Orange County Register 5 hours ago
On deck: Angels at Brewers, Wednesday, 10:30 a.m.

On deck: Angels at Brewers, Wednesday, 10:30 a.m.

Where: Miller Park TV: Fox Sports West, 10:30 a.m. Did you know? Albert Pujols has hit 19 homers at Miller Park, which is actually the fewest he had hit in any of the NL Central parks he frequented as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. THE PITCHERS...

VIDEO: Pujols drives in Ortega, gets thrown out at second

Albert Pujols got the Angels on the board in the first inning, driving in Rafael Ortega with a single, but was thrown out at second after Pujols didn't appear to run full speed out of the box. Pujols crushed the ball to right center and Domingo...
Newark Star-Ledger 10 hours ago
Angels' Albert Pujols congratulates Mets' Bartolo Colon on historic win

Angels' Albert Pujols congratulates Mets' Bartolo Colon on historic win

Angels slugger Albert Pujols congratulated Bartolo Colon for his win and place among Dominican-born pitchers.

VIDEO: Angels benefit from overturned call, add two in the eighth

Clawing their way back within shouting distance of the Brewers, the Angels scored twice in the eighth inning to cut the Brew Crew's lead down to 8-4. Trout started things off with a one-out single and scored on a double by Albert Pujols. Kole Calhoun...
Denver Post May 2, 2016

Rockies' Trevor Story, NL rookie of the month, has plan to improve

SAN DIEGO — One month into his major-league career, Trevor Story finds himself in the company of legends Joe DiMaggio and Albert Pujols.

Angels Notes: Albert Pujols won't have DH option in Milwaukee

ARLINGTON, Texas – Albert Pujols may need to take a day off this week, because the Angels will not have the designated hitter for three games in Milwaukee, starting Monday. Manager Mike Scioscia said Pujols would play first base on Monday, but...
Viva El Birdos Apr 28, 2016

What to make of Aledmys Diaz on defense and fielding metrics

Can Diaz hack it at shortstop? Aledmys Diaz is on a ridiculous historical run that nobody has ever seen before. Seriously. Think of that great run by Albert Pujols in April 2001. Diaz has been better. What about when Bo Hart came up and had so many hits in his first month. Diaz has been better. Remember when Jeff Francouer went crazy and got himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Diaz beats him, too. Yasiel Puig in 2013, Devon Travis last year, and Trevor Story this season all pale in comparison to what Diaz has done in his first 19 games. I know. I did the research over at FanGraphs...
Viva El Birdos Apr 28, 2016

Cards News and Notes: 2006, the draft, Pujols

Yesterday's VEB Ben Godar started things off yesterday critiquing Matheny's lineup construction, and he's not the only one annoyed with Aledmys Diaz still hitting eighth, behind Yadier Molina and (when he's in the lineup) Matt Adams. As Ben noted, lineup construction doesn't matter all that much, but it does still matter, and it can be annoying that Matheny's leaving run production on the table. The Red Baron shared his fourteenth draft preview with us yesterday, this one focusing on college bats. The article features a bat-first first basemen as well as a center-fielder from the same...

VIDEO: Trout homers to tie it

Mike Trout hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the fourth off of Chris Young, matching Eric Hosmer's two-run shot in the top of the first, to tie the game at two. It was Trout's fifth homer of the year, tying Albert Pujols for the team lead. Trout...
Viva El Birdos Apr 27, 2016

A visit from the ghost of Albert Pujols (kinda) - A Hunt and Peck

The kind of ghosts that exist while the person is still alive, so like, not really a ghost, I guess, but what else would it be called? The sharp crack of thunder followed by a brilliant beam of lightening jolts him awake from his peaceful slumber. His eyes dart open at the noise, blinking several times as they adjust to the darkness of the room. His skin starts to chill to gooseflesh and he reaches for the Louisville slugger he sleeps with at his side. He is being watched. He raises the bat to his shoulder to ready himself and switches on the lamp at his bed side. "Whoa, easy there....
Topeka Capital-Journal Apr 26, 2016

Pujols homers twice Monday in Royals loss to Angels

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Albert Pujols claims to pay little attention to his climb up baseball’s career homers list, often greeting his milestones with a dismissive shrug. “I leave that to (reporters), so you guys can have something to do,” he said Monday night. Even Pujols had to acknowledge his latest leap up the standings was impressive, particularly because it led to a win for the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols hit two homers and Mike Trout added another, powering the Angels to a 6-1 victory over the Kansas City Royals. read more
With Holliday sidelined, Carpenter moves into No. 3 spot

With Holliday sidelined, Carpenter moves into No. 3 spot

PHOENIX • The lineup shuffle that manager Mike Matheny said could happen sometime, and maybe even would have to happen for the Cardinals at some point this season, is happening Tuesday.
Halos Heaven Apr 26, 2016

Angels have options to shake-up the offense

Runs have come at a premium for the Angels in the young season, to the surprise of few. Trout and Calhoun have expectedly led the charge, while Yunel Escobar has been up to the task as a table setter. Albert Pujols continues to be a feast-or-famine shell of his former self and will be cemented into the clean-up spot for the duration of the season, for better or worse. The presence of Trout alone makes our front five among the best in the game. The team's biggest opportunity for improvement comes in the bottom half of the order, where virtually every batter is under the Mendoza line, with...
Halos Heaven Apr 26, 2016

TuesdoLinks: Pujols Pummels Potentates

Albert Pujols mashed back-to-back home runs as Garrett Richards carved his way through the Kansas City lineup. And Mike Trout hit his 3rd home run in 5 games. Albert Pujols cares not for the opinion of this daily laborer. Yesterday I suggested that although Albert made a lot of contact on Sunday, one home run and one single do not a slump-buster make. Not after going 1 for 31. "Begone, you puny dweller of maternal crypts" proclaimed Albert. "Away with your photons of ignorance. I smite thee and thy keyboard with the power of my back-to-back home runs!" And so it was. Pujols clobbered the...
Orange County Register Apr 26, 2016
Angels' Albert Pujols keeps climbing the list he doesn't want to talk about

Angels' Albert Pujols keeps climbing the list he doesn't want to talk about

ANAHEIM – As hard as Albert Pujols tries to focus on the present, and not history, sometimes there’s no avoiding it. After Pujols hit two more homers in the Angels’ 6-1 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Monday night, passing Reggie Jackson...

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