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Fenway Nation 20 hours ago
The A-Rod VS. Varitek Brawl: One Decade Later

The A-Rod VS. Varitek Brawl: One Decade Later

It's an iconic image burned into the brain of every Red Sox fan over the age of 10—Good versus Evil incarnate. Ten years ago today, Jason Varitek squared off with Alex Rodriguez in a classic brawl that can legitimately be called the watershed moment of the 2004 Championship season. When the game ended on Bill Mueller's walk-off home run, The Idiots had been galvanized. They were a team—a Championship-Calibre team. Bronson Arroyo drilled The Fraudulent One with the Sox trailing 3-0 in the third inning. Rodriguez started to first base—while shouting an expletive-deleted tirade at Arroyo....

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