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Highlighting our community members that spent all of Thursday afternoon talking about french fries. Before the Sox can dethrone the Royals, we have to endure another couple weeks before pitchers and catchers report. With all this down time, lets look at the back of the SSS trading cards. Career stats for the sss posters and what they talked about eatin' in the whats for lunch with Andre Ethier thread. asinwreck                    "Hot Doug's was magnificent." Date joined Feb 26, 2006 5:30 PM CST Comments Posted 1663 FanShots Published 6 FanPosts...
South Side Sox Feb 5, 2016

This week in White Sox: Sun sets on Andre Ethier rumor

Plus: A cluster of Black Sox articles worth reading Congratulations on reaching the end of another work week. The Andre Ethier/White Sox rumor can't claim the same. The Los Angeles Times' Bill Shakin finally sank some teeth into the report, but he only ended up deflating it: Friedman declined to say whether he was in trade discussions with the Chicago White Sox. However, there is little traction in talks between the teams, according to a person familiar with the matter but not authorized to discuss it publicly. The White Sox approached the Dodgers about Yasiel Puig — apparently in the...
South Side Sox Feb 4, 2016

White Sox trade rumors: Low, sustained heat around Andre Ethier

Plus: Mark Buehrle could sit out the start of the season, and Matt Thornton could join him The Andre Ethier rumor survived and advanced through a third day on Wednesday. No new sources joined the fray -- it's still just Phil Rogers backed by Bruce Levine -- but no reporters have shot it down, either. For instance, the Los Angeles Times' Steve Dilbeck allowed that the annual Ethier rumor might have merit this year: Ah, finally a real Andre Ethier rumor.Inevitable as a spring blossom, but seemingly made more so this year because it can be argued this time the Dodgers need to trade him before...
South Side Sox Feb 3, 2016

Terrerobytes: The White Sox haven't spent well, in graph form

Plus: The Andre Ethier rumor gets a second source, an explanation for Adam Eaton's surge, and more Tuesday afternoon, MLB Trade Rumors posted a chart detailing the 30 teams' expenditures on free agents this offseason. You have to scan right for quite a while until you hit the White Sox: Free agent spending to date: #1 Cubs ... #7 Royals #8 Dodgers #9 Mets ... #30 Yankees. https://t.co/vVSRkl7nIL pic.twitter.com/TCrlIik1fm — MLB Trade Rumors (@mlbtraderumors) February 2, 2016 The White Sox sit at No. 23, with only $10.25 million spread out among four free agents (Alex Avila,...
South Side Sox Feb 2, 2016

White Sox trade rumors: Andre Ethier emerges as new outfield possibility

Dodgers may have incentive to trade outfielder to relieve crowded roster, payroll Usually the two to three weeks in between SoxFest and pitchers and catchers reporting is a dead zone. This year? Not so much. I guess you could call it the silver lining of the White Sox' incomplete offseason, but they're not alone. Unlike last season, when James Shields was the only major free agent unsigned by Feburary, there's an entire outfield of known entities (Dexter Fowler, Austin Jackson, Alex Rios or Will Venable), two name-brand shortstops (Ian Desmond, Jimmy Rollins), the top third baseman on the...
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Finally the required Andre Ethier rumor: White Sox exploring deal

Ah, finally a real Andre Ethier rumor. Inevitable as a spring blossom, but seemingly made more so this year because it can be argued this time the Dodgers need to trade him before his 10-5 rights kick on April 21. After that, they can’t deal him without his permission. Yet it’s been oddly quiet...

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