3:33 PM EDT, Sun March 29, 2015
San Jose Mercury News Mar 19, 2015

Giants' Angel Pagan gets injection for back stiffness

San Francisco Giants outfielder Angel Pagan, coming off back surgery, will be out at least the next three days after getting an injection for back stiffness.
McCovey Chronicles Mar 9, 2015

Open GameThread, 3/9

Matt Cain returns. DO YOU HEAR ME? MATT CAIN RETURNS. MATT CAIN. VIDEO OF MATT CAIN CAN BE FOUND HERE. MATT CAIN. I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT MATT CAIN. Today's #SFGiants lineup vs LAD: Pagan cf Perez rf Posey c Belt 1b Duvall 3b Duffy ss Blanco lf Hicks 2b Arias DH Cain p — World Champs (@SFGiants) March 9, 2015 Jarrett Parker is in for Juan Perez, who was scratched with a back injury. The important part is MATT CAIN. MATT CAIN.
McCovey Chronicles Mar 4, 2015

Giants lose third game out of last four

Angel Pagan can still run, and Jake Peavy is still blind. The Giants lost to the A's, 9-2. You don't care. But here's a meaningful thing that happened in Wednesday's meaningless game: Angel Pagan scored from first on a Buster Posey double, and he looked great doing it. Your browser does not support iframes. Well, I assume Pagan looked great. The camera operator has a tough gig as a one-person crew, but it wasn't a double that rattled around the corner or anything, and Pagan scored from first easily. Everything else is piffle. On other hand, Jake Peavy still being blind might come up...
McCovey Chronicles Mar 3, 2015

Projecting Angel Pagan's 2015 season

For the second straight year, Angel Pagan missed a huge chunk of time. Will it happen a third time? There was a time when this site was obsessed with something stupid. Not that time. Not that other time. Stop listing times. Specifically, there was a time when the Giants' record without Angel Pagan was notable. When Pagan played, the Giants won. When Pagan didn't play, the Giants lost. It was eerie as all get out, and it's not like you had to play around with the dates to make the correlation. They were 32-54 without him in 2013, and as soon as he was hurt in 2014, the Giants went from the...

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