12:19 PM EST, Sun February 07, 2016
McCovey Chronicles Jan 14, 2016

Should the Giants start Angel Pagan or Gregor Blanco in left field?

We know what the Giants will choose, but here's why that doesn't have to be a bad thing. This is not a time for shades of gray. This is the Internet, and we have to firmly believe in one or the other, and then we have to argue viciously about whatever we decide. The Giants have the option of giving Angel Pagan or Gregor Blanco the majority of starts in left field, and they'll probably choose Pagan. We have to decide if that's the smart thing or not. It's not going to be a platoon, so get that out of your head right away. While Pagan hit left-handers much better last year, that was probably...
McCovey Chronicles Jan 14, 2016

Reminder: the Giants paid for their stadium their own damn selves

Well, mostly, anyway At some point soon, the Raiders are probably going to leave Oakland and head for greener pastures where some idiot mayor and some idiot city council will throw way, way too much municipal money at an NFL stadium that will not benefit the city financially. This is how all sports work – when a team wants to make more money, they decide to use public funds to build a new stadium, limiting their own financial contributions as much as possible, but also sharing no profits or property tax revenue with the people who paid for their new house. About a year ago, I bravely...

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