6:25 AM EDT, Sat November 01, 2014
Bless You Boys Oct 23, 2014

Is Colby Rasmus the answer in center field for the Tigers?

And if he is, what will that answer actually be? Austin Jackson was one of the more mercurial Tigers players in recent memory. He struck out a lot -- though improved considerably during his four-plus years in Detroit -- and would go through numerous hot and cold streaks in a season. His defense waned over the past couple seasons. Now that the Tigers need a center fielder, he would probably be nice to have back. So how about a guy that does these things even more often than Jackson? Enter Colby...
Lookout Landing Oct 13, 2014

What the hell happened to Austin Jackson?

Short answer: I have no idea. Something bad? Longer answer: See below. A few weeks ago, Scott touched on how this year's trade deadline acquisitions ultimately proved to be pretty disappointing for the Mariners, but I wanted to take a closer look at one of the trades in particular. Specifically, what the hell happened to Austin Jackson after he joined the M's? On July 31st, when we'd heard that Nick Franklin had been traded away for Austin Jackson, most of us were pretty excited. Franklin had become a fairly superfluous piece who had largely lost his luster, and the Mariners desperately...

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