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San Jose Mercury News Nov 18, 2015

Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford: The workingman's multi-millionaire

San Francisco Giants formalize six-year, $75-million deal with Gold Glove/Silver Slugger shortstop

Brandon Crawford gets the security he wanted, and Giants are thrilled to lock up "arguably the best shortstop in baseball" through his prime years

SAN FRANCISCO – It was a call that agent Joel Wolfe was excited to make. It was a call Brandon Crawford was too busy to take. Wolfe received word on Tuesday that Crawford had passed his physical, a final step… Continue Reading → The post Brandon Crawford gets the security he wanted, and Giants are thrilled to lock up "arguably the best shortstop in baseball" through his prime years appeared first on Giants Extra.
McCovey Chronicles Nov 18, 2015

Vote for the best Giants defensive play of 2015

Is it Pence's slide-and-throw, Juan Perez robbing a home run, or something even better? In this article, you will watch DAZZLING defensive plays that reach a THRILLING CONCLUSION. If you have a heart condition, please, see someone about that. And stay away from this here Internet content. It can't be good for you. And in this article about the best Giants defensive plays, Gold Glover Brandon Crawford isn't featured that prominently. Through no fault of his own! He made dozens of outstanding plays, but the kind that we're used to. Dives, leaps, flips, throws from the hole ... it's AC/DC...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 18, 2015

The risk vs. reward of Brandon Crawford's extension

Brandon Crawford agreed to less money than Ian Desmond might get this offseason. Why? What do the Giants have to lose? In the year 2021, the year that Johnny Mnemonic takes place, Brandon Crawford will still be on the Giants. He might still be excellent, or he might be on the downslope of his career, but he'll be on the Giants. And his salary probably won't be preventing them from getting good players. This is all good news. The money, six years and $75 million, is reasonable. If Crawford were a free agent right now, he would be one of the hottest free agents on the market. Jon Heyman is...
Bless You Boys Nov 18, 2015

What Brandon Crawford's contract extension tells us about re-signing J.D. Martinez

The Giants re-signed shortstop Brandon Crawford to a six-year, $75 million contract on Tuesday. This is good news for Detroit. Under general manager Brian Sabean, the San Francisco Giants have become known for their fierce loyalty to homegrown players and those that help them win championships. Pablo Sandoval aside, this roster is largely the same as the ones that won championships in 2010, 2012 (ugh), and 2014. They secured yet another player from that run on Tuesday, re-signing shortstop Brandon Crawford to a six-year, $75 million deal. At first glance, Crawford and Tigers slugger J.D....

Giants and Brandon Crawford agree to six-year contract

SAN FRANCISCO – Brandon Crawford grew up in Pleasanton and dreamed of playing shortstop for the Giants. After two World Series titles, an All-Star appearance, a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger, there’s no reason the dream has to end.… Continue Reading → The post Giants and Brandon Crawford agree to six-year contract appeared first on Giants Extra.
McCovey Chronicles Nov 17, 2015

Brandon Crawford signs six-year, $75 million extension

The Giants' All-Star shortstop could have been a free agent after 2017, but instead he'll be around for the next six years. Well, well, well. From rumor to blammo in just two short days. The Giants signed All-Star shortstop to a six-year deal, buying out his remaining two years of arbitration and extending him well beyond that. The Giants announced the deal, and Ken Rosenthal is reporting the deal is for six years, $75 million, with no option years and a full no-trade clause. One way to think of this is if Crawford were due about $13 to 15 million over the next two years in arbitration,...
San Jose Mercury News Nov 17, 2015

Giants agree to six-year contract with Brandon Crawford

Shortstop Brandon Crawford's six-year deal includes his first four years of free agency and runs through 2021.

Giants shortstop Crawford gets six-year deal

The Giants announced Tuesday that they have agreed to a six-year, $75 million contract with shortstop Brandon Crawford, ensuring the defensive whiz and Bay Area native will patrol the infield at AT&T Park through 2021. The Giants issued a written statement that included quotes from team president Larry Baer and general managker Bobby Evans. Evans; Brandon is an exceptionally talented baseball player who has earned this through his hard work, dedication and competitive spirit.. Baer: The success of our franchise depends on developing and retaining homegrown talent like Brandon Crawford.
McCovey Chronicles Nov 17, 2015

Vote for the SB Nation Pitcher of the Year

If you don't want to vote for a Dodger, there are options. Hello, and welcome to the SB Nation Pitcher of the Year award voting! This is for one pitcher to represent both leagues. You might end up voting for a Dodger. There is no shame in that. I mean, a little. There's a little shame. But there's also a way around this. The best candidates, in no particular order: Chris Sale Sale is my favorite pitcher to watch, certainly. He's also my favorite pitcher to describe, as his delivery reminds me of a tetherball going around a Lego pole that crumbles to the Earth and then spontaneously...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 17, 2015

Two ROY voters put Justin Bour on their ballots, so let's scoff at them

Like, seriously, what was the process here? Kris Bryant unanimously won the NL Rookie of the Year vote yesterday, with our own Matt Duffy coming in second. This is certainly due to SHENANIGANS, EAST COAST BIAS, VOTERS HATING THE GIANTS, NO ONE WANTING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE DYNASTY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR DAMN FACES, and also Bryant being a more hyped player who had a significantly better year. Coming in third and fourth, after Bryant and Duffy, were Jung-ho Kang and Noah Syndergaard, both reasonable choices for the bottom of the ballot. And then there were the others. Oh, the others. Joc...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 17, 2015

Giants nearing minor league deal with Kyle Blanks, man-mountain

Blanks is large and hits dingers, but he comes on a minor-league deal for a reason. Kyle Blanks is a gigantic human being. He's listed at 6'6", 265, but he looks larger than that. No hyperbole: He is probably the largest person I've ever stood next to. I was scared he was going to inhale me. It would have been like an Innerspace remake, except I would have died. Blanks also hits baseballs hard. Very hard. Just annihilates them. He gets on base just enough to make the dingers valuable, and he plays defense much better than you might expect. He's not a disaster out there, and he can even run...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 16, 2015

The Giants want to extend Brandon Crawford, but it won't be cheap

The Giants' shortstop isn't a free agent until after the 2017 season, so it's not time to freak out. But it's probably time to be proactive. From the it's-more-common-sense-than-a-rumor file, we have Buster Olney hearing that the Giants will "try to lock up shortstop Brandon Crawford to a long-term deal." Can you imagine a world in which the Giants have no interest in keeping Crawford around? Crawford's agent: My client is really, really interested in sticking around. Giants: Well, we have to examine market conditions and see how our numbers-crunchers think he'll age, and ... Crawford's...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 16, 2015

Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement

The former Giants star is coming back at age 39, and he's using fancy training computers to do it. Aubrey Huff will be 39 when next season starts. It's been five years since has last good season and three years since he last appeared in the majors. There are unlikely comebacks, and then there's this. /even-year siren sounds Oh, man. Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement. Correction: Aubrey Huff is coming out of retirement, according to a video posted by Gillette World Sport and featuring a trainer with a gigantic Nike swoosh on his shirt. This is probably an exercise in branding, and...

Giants’ Crawford, Posey, Bumgarner win Silver Slugger awards

Buster Posey added to his haul of silver bats Thursday, Madison Bumgarner got more hardware for being baseball’s best-hitting pitcher and Brandon Crawford completed a sparkling week with his first Sliver Slugger award. Crawford earned his first Gold Glove earlier in the week, so he is the National League’s top defensive shortstop and top offensive shortstop from an awards standpoint. Posey, the Giants catcher, has won three Silver Slugger awards in four years, and Bumgarner has won Silver Slugger honors in each of the past two seasons.

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