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Newark Star-Ledger Jan 15, 2016

Ex-Yankee Brandon McCarthy's hilarious story of failing to hit a batter

A look inside what it's like to tell a hitter you tried hitting him on purpose
River Ave. Blues Jan 14, 2016

Thursday Night Open Thread

Earlier this week former Yankee Brandon McCarthy answered questions from fans in a mailbag at The Players’ Tribune. He talked about having Tommy John surgery, the “offensively silent” Shane Greene, and intentionally hitting batters, among other things. It’s pretty entertaining. Check it out. This is the nightly open thread. All three local hockey teams are […] The post Thursday Night Open Thread appeared first on River Avenue Blues.
Bless You Boys Jan 12, 2016

Shane Greene took Brandon McCarthy's advice a bit too literally

Brandon McCarthy answered questions in The Players' Tribune's mailbag today, and boy was his answer about Tigers starter Shane Greene a doozy. Who was your favorite teammate when you played for the Yankees? - Haley Shane Greene. I think someone in the minors told him, "When you get to the big leagues, be seen and not heard," and he took that as literally as possible. He wasn't just quiet, he was offensively silent. After awhile I got used to it. Because he never said anything at all, he never said anything that bugged me. I thought that was great. This isn't the first opinion about...

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