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Newark Star-Ledger Aug 18, 2016

How does Brett Gardner fit into Yankees future?

The Yankees believe Gardner can be a mentor to emerging Yankees stars.
River Ave. Blues Aug 9, 2016

Brett Gardner’s Disappearing Power

Being a sports fan means you’re going to make predictions or statements or give takes; with that comes a lot of being wrong. Most recently, I was most wrong about fellow former UConn Husky and current Detroit Piston Andre Drummond. After he left Storrs following his freshman year, I thought he’d struggle in the NBA […] The post Brett Gardner’s Disappearing Power appeared first on River Avenue Blues.
Fenway Nation Aug 8, 2016

Bronx Embalmers Took AMTRAK From New York to Boston

(New York Yankee Photo)We knew The Pinstriped Posers were in austerity mode, but this? The mighty New York Yankees made their way to Boston yesterday via an AMTRAK train. That's right, a conveyance more familiar to Billy Gardner than Brett Gardner. It's unclear whether Alex Rodriguez ate his packet of salted peanuts or whether he had his ticket out and available for the conductor when he came by. America wants to know.
Newark Star-Ledger Aug 7, 2016
Brett Gardner isn't happy with Yankees' Alex Rodriguez decision

Brett Gardner isn't happy with Yankees' Alex Rodriguez decision

A-Rod's long-time teammate wishes he could have gone out on his own terms.
Newark Star-Ledger Aug 1, 2016

Subway Series: No joke, Yankees' Brett Gardner is a Mets fan 158 games a year

Gardner loves Subway Series games and roots for Mets when they're not playing Yankees.

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