5:53 PM EST, Sat December 27, 2014
McCovey Chronicles Dec 8, 2014

Jon Lester rumors: decision coming soon, Buster Posey makes his pitch

"Pitch" is a baseball term, but it's also a sales term. Hopefully Lester will "catch" what Posey is ... wait, this is all backward. The Jon Lester derby is coming to a close, with a decision coming within the next day. The Giants have been the future third-place finishers according to most scuttlebutt merchants, trailing behind the Red Sox and Cubs, with the Dodgers and their wheelbarrow of doubloons always a threat to destroy everything. No one counted on Buster Posey, though, pure of heart is he. Suddenly, the Giants might be the front runners. According to Jim Bowden, Posey was a part...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 28, 2014

San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/28

As Lady and I look out tonight from Dumpalinktion Row I wrote this yesterday morning, assuming nothing much would happen during the day. So if, like, Buster Posey goes on his PR team's Twitter account and subtweets Jake Peavy by talking about how annoying dudes who yell on the field are, sorry. I missed that scoop. Ballpark pup has Brewers celebrating 'Hanksgiving'This Thanksgiving, let's all come together and celebrate the story of Hank. Born in a manger, possibly, to a mother who was conceived without Original Sin, because she was a dog, it seems clear that Hank is the modern...

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