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Viva El Birdos Mar 24, 2015

Yadier Molina is the most indispensable Cardinals player

Yadier Molina is coming off a bad year by his standards, and a year where he missed considerable time due to injury. Despite the injury and aging one more year, he is still the most indispensable Cardinals player. Heading into last season, I had very high expectations for Yadier Molina. He was my pick for National League MVP. He was coming off three great seasons in a row. He had averaged nearly six fWAR over the previous two years. Buster Posey had recently won an MVP as a catcher, and the defensive aspects of Molina's game were gaining in appreciation. Molina did not end up winning that...
McCovey Chronicles Mar 23, 2015

The (preview of the) new Giants commercial season is here!

There's apparently a staring contest between Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey, among other delights. Your browser does not support iframes. At first, I was like ... And then I was like ... But then everyone was all ... Giants commercials are coming, everyone. I care far too much about this, and I don't even feel bad. Take a trip down memory lane by remembering last year's commercials. Note: Travis Ishikawa wasn't even in last year's for some reason.

Buster Posey’s advice to Will Ferrell: have fun

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Buster Posey once played all nine positions in a game at Florida State. But he doesn’t feel qualified to offer any advice as comedian Will Ferrell attempts the stunt. “I didn’t have to helicopter in anywhere,” Posey… Continue Reading → 
McCovey Chronicles Mar 9, 2015

Open GameThread, 3/9

Matt Cain returns. DO YOU HEAR ME? MATT CAIN RETURNS. MATT CAIN. VIDEO OF MATT CAIN CAN BE FOUND HERE. MATT CAIN. I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT MATT CAIN. Today's #SFGiants lineup vs LAD: Pagan cf Perez rf Posey c Belt 1b Duvall 3b Duffy ss Blanco lf Hicks 2b Arias DH Cain p — World Champs (@SFGiants) March 9, 2015 Jarrett Parker is in for Juan Perez, who was scratched with a back injury. The important part is MATT CAIN. MATT CAIN.
SPRING NOTES: Susac hopes to be Posey’s understudy more than his backup, Hudson to start Wednesday for Giants, etc.

SPRING NOTES: Susac hopes to be Posey’s understudy more than his backup, Hudson to start Wednesday for Giants, etc.

From tomorrow’s paper: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – It is one of baseball’s ultimate backhanded compliments: the offensive-minded catcher. Nobody would dare to slap Buster Posey with that tag, even though he’s won a batting title and an NL MVP award. The… Continue Reading → 
Oakland Tribune Mar 4, 2015

A's rout Giants for second day in a row

Marcus Semien, Josh Reddick lead 17-hit attack as Oakland A's beat the San Francisco Giants 9-2; Buster Posey's double accounts for Giants' only runs.
McCovey Chronicles Mar 4, 2015

Giants lose third game out of last four

Angel Pagan can still run, and Jake Peavy is still blind. The Giants lost to the A's, 9-2. You don't care. But here's a meaningful thing that happened in Wednesday's meaningless game: Angel Pagan scored from first on a Buster Posey double, and he looked great doing it. Your browser does not support iframes. Well, I assume Pagan looked great. The camera operator has a tough gig as a one-person crew, but it wasn't a double that rattled around the corner or anything, and Pagan scored from first easily. Everything else is piffle. On other hand, Jake Peavy still being blind might come up...
McCovey Chronicles Mar 3, 2015

Buster Posey on CBS This Morning

He talked about important things, like Buster Posey. Buster Posey, the Face of Major League Baseball, was interviewed by CBS This Morning because they wanted America to see this face. And, there, looking back at America, was America. The interview: The important takeaways: Buster Posey met his wife in high school, studying for the SATs Posey was quick to point out that he scored higher The Posey family lives on the old turkey farm he grew up in Posey's daughter walks around the house saying "Aye, que lindo!" Posey corrects his wife's grammar Posey is better than you Posey is better than...
David Ortiz -- The Face of Baseball in America -- Talks Hall of Fame, Steroid Testing, and More

David Ortiz -- The Face of Baseball in America -- Talks Hall of Fame, Steroid Testing, and More

Buster Posey? Child, please. Don't kid yourself America, David Ortiz if THE Face of Baseball today.

Giants spring notes: Posey gets the best of Bumgarner, Cain’s debut pushed back, etc.

Buster Posey waited at his locker with an ear-to-ear grin. It’s safe to say he’s never been so eager to talk to the media. “Oh there’s been a lot of trash talking leading up to that, on both sides,” said… Continue Reading → 
San Jose Mercury News Feb 28, 2015

Which San Francisco Giants player Buster Posey or Madison Bumgarner leads all MLB merchandise sales?

Giants catcher Buster Posey may have been voted the Face of the MLB, but teammate Madison Bumgarner has bragging rights over who's selling the most MLB merchandise.
McCovey Chronicles Feb 26, 2015

Buster Posey wins Face of MLB competition

President Obama to pledge fealty at afternoon press conference. Buster Posey was voted the Face of MLB in an impressive display of social media and marketing on Thursday, narrowly defeating David Wright in an online vote. For winning the title, Posey was awarded the satisfaction of knowing that he helped the brand and visibility of MLB and the MLB Network. Buster Posey, America turns its lonely eyes to you. Save us. The award was created by marketing wizards in an underground bunker beneath Madison Avenue, and it was designed to flood your Twitter feed with stealth advertising. You sheep....

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