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DRaysBay Jun 22, 2016

AskDRB #10: Taking cover from falling sky pieces

Rants on Brad Miller staying at shortstop, which pitcher gets traded, and if we're going to be having a FIRE (sale) Here is a visual representation and summation of this week's AskDRB Qs: - Should the Rays sign Carl Crawford? A debate on logic vs heart. - Playoffs?! Talkin about playoffs?!? Playoffs?! - Would Carl Crawford bring that much needed veteran leadership? - Is a fire sale on the horizon for the Rays? - Will the Rays trade Jake Odorizzi at the deadline? - Who are the Rays players most likely to be moved at the deadline? - How far away is the team from being a legit...
New York Post Jun 21, 2016

Jose Reyes eerily mirrored Carl Crawford’s on-field demise

Carl Crawford and Jose Reyes are baseball clones. Reyes has 6,588 career plate appearances, Crawford 6,655. Both have a career .290 average and OPS-plus of 105. Crawford has 480 steals, Reyes 479. But it goes beyond the statistical. Both had their greatest success as quick-twitch, two-way dynamos with their original teams and were never the...
New York Post Jun 21, 2016

You can boo, but Jose Reyes makes sense for Mets

This all could be a moot discussion regarding a reunion of Jose Reyes and the Mets. Some Mets officials believe the Rockies could find a trade partner for the down-and-out shortstop before Saturday, at which point Colorado would have to release Reyes. If a trade doesn’t happen, however? If Reyes goes on the open market?...
New York Post Jun 21, 2016

How barber’s photo caused Noah Syndergaard’s agent to freak out

The task was daunting for Chris Houlihan. A 6-foot-6, 240-pound man walked into Ellum Hair Studio in Dallas and sat down in his chair. A seemingly insignificant favor for longtime customer Blaine McVay, who asked Houlihan to give “my friend Noah” a trim, suddenly seemed anything but. It was the first offseason Noah Syndergaard didn’t...
Tampa Bay Times Jun 20, 2016

No apparent movement in potential Rays-Crawford reunion

CLEVELAND — The Rays' interest in a potential reunion with former All-Star OF Carl Crawford appeared Monday to still be in the talking about it stage.
DRaysBay Jun 20, 2016

The Case for a Carl Crawford Reunion with the Tampa Bay Rays

With a severely depleted outfield, it's less a question of why, and more a question of why not. Since the moment Carl Crawford was designated for assignment just over a week ago by the Los Angeles Dodgers, the question was posed, "Is a return to the Rays possible?" Yes, yes it is very much possible and with the Rays outfield ranks depleted to the level that Jaff Decker is receiving starts every other day, Crawford could very well be back in a Rays uniform. We do not know if the Rays are seriously considering bring back Crawford, all we have is this small blip from Topkin buried in his...
Fenway Nation Jun 7, 2016

POLL: Most Readers Continue To Opt For No OF Trade

Our final look at the latest FenwayNation Poll confirms that most of our readers don't think a trade for another outfielder is necessary. In fact, fully 44% feel that way—far outpacing the percentage of people who would opt for a deal to get either Carlos Gonzalez from the Rockies (18%) or former Carmine Hoser Josh Reddick from the A's (17%). Jay Bruce was the trade choice of 12% of our readers, followed by 2% who would re-acquire Carl Crawford (just released by the Dodgers) and 1% who would opt for San Diego's Jon Jay. Interestingly, 7% would choose another player not on our list—with...
McCovey Chronicles Jun 6, 2016

You all realize the Giants are going to sign Carl Crawford, right?

Carl Crawford is totally going to be the next Jeff Francoeur or Xavier Nady, so get used to it now. I was wrong about the Padres signing Tim Lincecum. It seemed like an obvious fit, but they never seemed too interested in him. Fair enough. Predicting baseball, especially specific transactions, is hard. This one, though. This one seems practically guaranteed. The Dodgers designated Carl Crawford for assignment over the weekend. They're responsible for the rest of his bloated contract, which means that when he clears waivers, he'll be available to any team for the major league minimum...
Full Count | WEEI Jun 6, 2016

Dodgers designate former Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford for assignment

Five years ago, the Red Sox believed Carl Crawford was worth $142 million. On Sunday, he became unemployed. The Dodgers designated Crawford for assignment, even though he has roughly $35 million remaining on the seven-year deal he signed with the Red Sox before the 2011 season that runs through 2017. The Dodgers have 10 days […]
McCovey Chronicles Jun 6, 2016

10 questions about the San Francisco Giants' 2016 draft and farm system

Christopher Crawford of Baseball Prospectus was kind enough to join us to answer questions about the 2016 draft, last year's draft, and the farm system in general. Christopher Crawford is the resident prospect guru over at Baseball Prospectus, where he does an outstanding job. He's a friend of the program, and he's a fantastic Twitter follow, too, so let's all read what he has to say about the Giants' last draft, their farm system, and what they might do in this draft without a first-round pick. Do you want more on the draft? Buy the Baseball Prospectus MLB Draft Guide 2016. It's just...
Fenway Nation Jun 6, 2016

Carl Crawford Released By Dodgers, Still Owed $35M

(AP Photo)As one of the principals in The Great Punto Trade Of 2012, Carl Crawford was the prime example of the "Failure To Adapt to Boston Syndrome". Now, another team has given up on him—the Los Angeles Dodgers. Magic Johnson and his minions have designated Crawford for assignment—still owing him $35 million. In probably the worst free-agent signing in Boston history, Crawford was inked to a seven-year, $142 million contract in 2011. Dumpage of that albatross (along with the weighty contracts of Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez) was a godsend to The Carmine Hose. Without it, the 2013...
The Republican Jun 6, 2016
Carl Crawford done in LA: Former Red Sox OF DFA'd by Dodgers, still has $35M on his contract

Carl Crawford done in LA: Former Red Sox OF DFA'd by Dodgers, still has $35M on his contract

Almost four years since the big trade, the Dodgers are cutting ties with Crawford, announcing Sunday that they were designating the 34-year-old outfielder for assignment.
Over the Monster Jun 6, 2016

Carl Crawford's time in Major League Baseball may be coming to a close

Designated for assignment by the Dodgers, Boston's one-time left field disaster might finally be out of Major League Baseball. After three years and change, the Dodgers have finally called it quits on Carl Crawford, the man they saved Boston from in the fall of 2012. Los Angeles designated the outfielder for assignment Sunday afternoon, even with more than a year still left on his $142 million contract. He will go down as one of the worst signings in the history of the Red Sox, but if we're being honest here, Crawford wasn't the absolute worst for Los Angeles. Even finishing wih a...
The Republican Jun 6, 2016

2016 MLB Draft: Boston Red Sox potential first-round draft picks

A look at a few potential first-round picks the Red Sox might draft.
Dodgers designate Carl Crawford for assignment

Dodgers designate Carl Crawford for assignment

LOS ANGELES – It was just a matter of time. From the moment the Dodgers took on his seven-year, $142 million contract as part of their big trade with the Boston Red Sox in August 2012, Carl Crawford watched as his paycheck and eroding skills worked...

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