11:00 AM EDT, Tue June 28, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal Jun 23, 2016

Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer finally clicking by keeping it simple, working with catcher Chris Gimenez

CLEVELAND: Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer and the Indians’ coaching staff have at times appeared to be on different paths. After a given start, Bauer has pointed to one thing as the reason he did well or not-as-well, and the Indians have pointed to another. Bauer has wanted to focus on only velocity. The Indians wanted him to throw more strikes. Lately, they appear to be on the same page. Bauer has found a level of consistency he had never previously enjoyed in his major-league career. With Wednesday’s three-hit, one-run complete game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Bauer extended his...
Plain Dealer Jun 21, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers victory places Tribe catcher Chris Gimenez in a hairy situation

Thanks to the Cavs' win, Chris Gimenez can't shave his head for a month.

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