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Halos Heaven Jan 21, 2016

Workout War: C.J. Wilson vs. Hector Santiago

The off-season is a time to relax, regroup and reboot. It is a time to reconnect with friends and family back home, wherever home may be, and it's a time to reflect on the good life of being a professional ball player. At some point, though, it's back to work and back to the grind, but for some players, the grind IS their entire off-season. Hector Santiago and C.J. Wilson are not messing around with their time off, and if their social media accounts are to be believed, they are going balls out at the gym. Two Angels pitchers getting absolutely shredded for the 2016 campaign is a sight to...
Halos Heaven Jan 21, 2016

Angels have the 4th most formidable foursome in MLB

Here's something to be positive about today in the Halosphere: when it comes to lineup quartets in the majors, the Angels actually have a group of guys that ranks among the best in the league. Wait, what? So MLB.com has a piece that takes a dive into the numbers of each team's lineup core, and sees where they rank. The good news here is that the Angels have the 4th best quartet in MLB, which consists of Mike Trout(of course), Kole Calhoun, Albert Pujols and C.J. Cron. The recent signing of Justin Upton by the Detroit Tigers is what spurred this little piece, and here's what they used to...
Halos Heaven Jan 21, 2016

Thor'sLinks: Halos still hibernating

It's a noisy day for baseball, but only outside the quiet confines of Orange County. Wow. It was a good day for baseball news! I actually cut out numerous great links because I was already way over your attention budget. Notably absent from activity, or even rumors of activity, were the Angels. They represent perhaps the only theoretical contender which has gone completely silent. Of course, this might just be a sign that we fans might need to to reset our expectations to some level below making the playoffs for awhile, until Arte finds some comfort in spending a couple million bucks in...
Halos Heaven Jan 20, 2016

HumpLinks: Could be worse. Could be raining.

El Nino keeps threatening. But if the storm clouds keep passing us by, at least we have MLB news to rain on our baseball news. Most of what I dug up last night was bummer news. Except for the MLB blackout link and a fan event, it was a lot of negativity. I don't want to end my night on that note, so I'll just throw in one positive thing to think about even though there is nothing newsworthy there. Here goes: Andrew Heaney!!! Watch this trigger something today about Howie Kendrick.... But cool. I can add that to my 24-hour Mike Trout-a-Thon and hand over the duties to you to read the...
Halos Heaven Jan 19, 2016

Angels 2016 ticket sales are great, nothing to see here, according to the Angels

If today's words from Angels vice president of communications are to be taken as truth, then the Angels fanbase has remained firmly intact this off-season, and are ready to get those per-caps numbers beefed up for Arte Moreno and Co. this coming season. Either that, or about 16,000 people have stayed completely off the internet for the past three months and are under the assumption that the Angels made some amazing moves in the interim, because while there may be a loud portion of fans upset with the Halos and refusing to spend money on them, the ticket sales for 2016 are doing just...
Halos Heaven Jan 19, 2016

Angels' pen taking shape

The acquisition of former Tiger Al Alburquerque adds depth and creates competition among the club's young relief corps. When pitchers and catchers report to Tempe in a short month, there will be plenty of discussion as to who will make up the Angels' pen after veterans Huston Street, Joe Smith, Fernando Salas and the newly acquired Al Alburquerque. Like many teams, the Angels have a heavy stable of talented-but-imperfect arms vying for a spot on the big club come April. Let's examine the best of the rest and get a head start on our rooting interests to make the squad heading into spring...

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