8:34 PM EST, Sat November 28, 2015

Phils officially cut ties with Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee became a free agent this week after the Phillies declined his $27.5 million option for 2016. Lee pitched in just 13 games since 2013.
McCovey Chronicles Oct 30, 2015

Who is this year's Madison Bumgarner?

Could it be . . . you? At the beginning of the postseason, all the talk was about who would be this year's Madison Bumgarner. Who would be the pitcher who dominated, both starting and, if necessary, in relief? Who would carry his team to a World Series title? I found this photostream from ESPN, and I evaluated whether or not each pitcher on it was this year's Madison Bumgarner, trying to be as objective as possible. I think we'll all be interested in the results. Clayton Kershaw No. David Price Nope. Jake Arrieta Nah. Zack Greinke Pshaw. Gerrit Cole Uh-uh. Cole Hamels Actually, he...

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