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Over the Monster Mar 4, 2015

The Return of Ortiz - Ramirez to the Red Sox lineup

For the first time in six years, the Red Sox had Ortiz, DH and Ramirez, LF in their lineup Tuesday afternoon. On July 30th, 2008, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez hit back-to-back in the Red Sox lineup for the last time. It was an unfortunate way to end a pairing that had, for more than five years, made Boston's lineup one of the most formidable in the American League. Ortiz was just coming back from injury, and while his line of .266/.360/.498 may look just fine in these days of diminished offense, at the time it was an alarming drop in production that would continue into 2009 when, after a...
Full Count | WEEI Mar 2, 2015

David Ortiz on Curt Schilling Twitter controversy: ‘It makes you angry’

FORT MYERS, Fla. — David Ortiz can understand Curt Schilling‘s frustrations. Not only is Ortiz also living the life of a high profile sports figure immersing himself in the world of Twitter, but he has experienced the good and bad when it comes to using the social media tool for personal recognition. It’s why Ortiz […]
Over the Monster Mar 2, 2015

Red Sox should make Mike Napoli their next David Ortiz

No one can replace David Ortiz, but Mike Napoli could take his place in more ways than one. Mike Napoli wants to finish his career with the Red Sox. The Red Sox should want Napoli to finish his career in Boston. It's not as simple as handing the 33-year-old first baseman a long-term contract, though, mostly because the words in the first half of that sentence are scary even before bringing up the whole degenerative hip thing. There are reasons to keep Napoli around long-term, though, and the Sox even have a contract model they can base their decision on, thanks to their treatment of David...
Boston Herald Mar 1, 2015
The late/great Big Papi

The late/great Big Papi

At the ripe old age of 39, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz  has given no indication that he plans to retire soon. And why should he? Last year, he hit 35 home runs with 104 RBI, and he is rapidly wrapping up bragging rights to be — if not the best designated hitter of all time — at least the best older DH in history.
David Ortiz -- The Face of Baseball in America -- Talks Hall of Fame, Steroid Testing, and More

David Ortiz -- The Face of Baseball in America -- Talks Hall of Fame, Steroid Testing, and More

Buster Posey? Child, please. Don't kid yourself America, David Ortiz if THE Face of Baseball today.
Boston Herald Mar 1, 2015

Borges: Imagine if David Ortiz, John Farrell traded roles

David Ortiz’ expletive-laden rant against proposed changes intended to speed up baseball by forcing hitters to keep a toe in the batter’s box at nearly all times and manager John Farrell’s statesman-like discussion of his starting rotation, Jackie Bradley’s skills and Ortiz’ rant last week in Fort Myers left me thinking what it might have sounded like at JetBlue Park if there were a role reversal.
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Commissioner Rob Manfred: ‘I don’t foresee any problems that [David Ortiz] does’ regarding new MLB pace-of-play rules

David Ortiz was very outspoken earlier in the week when he became aware of the new MLB rules regarding hitters in the effort to speed up the overall pace-of-play. Commissioner Rob Manfred responded to Ortiz’s comments, and the new rules in general on Friday when speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. […]
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015

'Pace Of Play' Or 'Pace Of Pay'?

by Mark Lawrence, International EditorWhen David Ortiz talks – or rants, as some reporters assert – I sit up straight and pay attention.  The most recent burr under Papi’s blanket has to do with this wacky Pace of Play initiative and, sportsfans – upon consideration - I believe he has a legitimate gripe.   My geographic remove oftentimes leaves me out of touch with the minutiae of MLB Policy, but Pace of Play confuses me a tad.  Why does the game really need to be sped up? I mean, what’s the point?  A trawl through the interwebs shows some interesting stats regarding average...

Will Ortiz start Opening Day in Philly?

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Because the Red Sox are opening in a National League city, Philadelphia, David Ortiz will not occupy his customary spot as designated hitter in the Sox lineup. Manager John Farrell was asked whether he would have any reservations playing Ortiz in the field those first three games in Philly, where the weather is likely to be cold. “None at all,’’ Farrell said. Ortiz, as he customarily does in spring training, is taking ground balls at first.
Boston Herald Feb 27, 2015
Red Sox Notebook: David Ortiz will pace himself

Red Sox Notebook: David Ortiz will pace himself

FORT MYERS — David Ortiz doesn’t have to like baseball’s new rules governing pace of play. But, according to manager John Farrell, he will learn to live with them.
Full Count | WEEI Feb 26, 2015

How would David Ortiz speed up game? No more instant replay, fewer pitching changes

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Much has been made of David Ortiz criticizing baseball for implementing a new rule preventing hitters from stepping out of the batter’s box in an attempt to shorten games. But if not the MLB-mandated batter’s box regulation, then how would Ortiz shave time off these games? Appearing on the Hot Stove […]

David Ortiz says remove instant replay to increase pace of baseball

David Ortiz takes a few minutes to talk with Mut, Bradford, and Tomase about some of his new teammates, who Pablo Sandoval reminds him of, and the rules aimed at speeding up the game of baseball.
Full Count | WEEI Feb 26, 2015

Dustin Pedroia can see where David Ortiz is coming from: ‘Baseball’s not a drive-thru’

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Dustin Pedroia could only laugh. When the Red Sox second baseman heard David Ortiz go off on Wednesday about new MLB pace-of-game rules. “I think it was the first time he heard of it,” Pedroia said Thursday. “The first reaction is always pretty good [from Ortiz]. I just laughed. You never […]
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John Farrell doesn’t think David Ortiz has target on his back: ‘He’ll adhere to the rules’

FORT MYERS, Fla. — While infield coach Brian Butterfield was going over bunt fielding drills with his pitchers and infielders Thursday morning outside JetBlue Park, John Farrell spent a good 20 minutes with David Ortiz. The manager stood and listened to Ortiz reiterate what he told reporters on Wednesday about his concerns and complaints about […]

For David Ortiz, Tom Brady is the Answer to Age-Old Question

Before David Ortiz stepped into the Red Sox clubhouse for the first time this spring, he was reminded that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady now has four championship rings to Ortiz's three.

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