7:24 AM EST, Mon January 26, 2015

David Ross: 'I want to win in Chicago'

CHICAGO -- New Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross wants everyone to know he signed on for one reason and one reason only. "I want to win in Chicago," Ross stated in a phone interview on Wednesday. "I'm not playing for the Hall of Fame. I promise you that. I've made enough money and made some great relationships. I want to win. That's the goal for everyone that’s coming there." Likewise, the Cubs might have signed Ross to a two-year deal for $5 million via agent Ryan Gleichowski for one reason: provide leadership for one of the youngest teams in baseball.
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How David Ross landed with Cubs and not Red Sox (or Padres)

David Ross thought the entire offseason was bizarre enough. As the former Red Sox catcher put it, ‘€œI was blown away and flattered by the offers and opportunities that came my way. It really shocked me.’€ Then the morning of Dec. 19 came around, and that took the unpredictability to another level. “That last day was crazy,” […]

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