5:28 PM EST, Thu December 14, 2017

Glow is gone for Derek Jeter as Marlins’ CEO after 2 months

MIAMI — Reacting to the Giancarlo Stanton trade, a Miami Marlins supporter who is a priest suggested in church that fans boycott the team’s games in protest. Does Derek Jeter have a prayer? Always a winner as captain of the New York Yankees, Jeter is trying to revive the downtrodden Marlins, and so far, he appears out of his league as a CEO. Barely two months into the job, he has been faulted for his handling of the Stanton deal, and that’s not all. Critics contend Jeter is to blame for clumsy firings, delegating too much and hanging in...
Grand Rapids Press Dec 11, 2017
Giancarlo Stanton called Derek Jeter's bluff, so now he's a Yankee

Giancarlo Stanton called Derek Jeter's bluff, so now he's a Yankee

Stantons trade to New York was made official Monday. This wasn't even as complex as Mike McDermott against Teddy KGB, so it's a little sad that new Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter even tried. Giancarolo Stanton, he of the full no-trade clause, had decided if he was going to be dealt, it would be to the New York Yankees. Marlins ownership reportedly threatened that if he didn't accept a trade to either St. Louis or San Francisco, they wouldn't deal him. Stanton, seemingly holding all the leverage, called that bluff. And now he's a Yankee. The backstory of the...
ESPN Dec 5, 2017

Jeter says 'no decisions' made yet on Stanton

New Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said the team is "still gathering information" on potential deals for Giancarlo Stanton, adding that "anything up to this point has been speculation."
ESPN Dec 3, 2017

Digging down through baseball's circles of payroll hell

Whatever they do with Giancarlo Stanton, Derek Jeter and the Marlins will have budgetary handicaps in 2018. Where do the Fish rank among teams with major financial handicaps this winter?
Larry Brown Sports Dec 1, 2017

Marlins fired scout while he was in hospital recovering from cancer surgery

The Miami Marlins have essentially been cleaning house since Derek Jeter took over as the team’s CEO, and apparently even employees who are recovering in the hospital should not take their job with the organization for granted. Marty Scott, a former Marlins vice president who had been working as a scout in recent years, told...Read More
Fenway Nation Nov 21, 2017
Giancarlo Watch: Realistic Odds Of Stanton To Sox?

Giancarlo Watch: Realistic Odds Of Stanton To Sox?

Crazy Dream Or Possibility?It's the longest-running soap opera of the baseball off-season: where the heck will mega-star Giancarlo Stanton end up? New Marlins honcho Derek Jeter has made it clear that clearing payroll is his number one goal—thus the big guy (and his $295 million contract) must go! The three credible landing spots have been narrowed down to St. Louis, San Francisco and Boston (with The Evil Ones and Dodgers on the periphery). But, just how realistic is it that Stanton dons Carmine Hose in 2018? Because Dave Dombrowski has already significantly depleted Boston's reservoir of...
Fenway Nation Nov 16, 2017
Evil Ones In Preliminary Talks With Fish On Stanton

Evil Ones In Preliminary Talks With Fish On Stanton

(C.M. Guerrero)Well, you knew it would happen sooner or later. Of the eight teams in on a possible trade for Giancarlo Stanton, The Bronx Embalmers are now identified as one of them. The Pinstriped Posers have already held preliminary talks with their old buddy Derek Jeter about pairing Stanton with AL Rookie of The Year Aaron Judge. Clearly, this sends shivers up and down the collective AL East spine. It's also reminiscent of  what occurred on February 15, 2004, when the Rangers traded A-Fraud to the Yankees—after an all-but-certain deal to the Red Sox was torpedoed at the last minute by...
Fenway Nation Nov 15, 2017
Jeter's Management Style: 'If The Phone Rings, It's Not Me'

Jeter's Management Style: 'If The Phone Rings, It's Not Me'

If you had just taken over ownership of an MLB franchise with a highly sought-after mega-star, you'd probably want to talk to the dude, right? No, no, no! Not if you're a graduate of the Derek Jeter School Of Executive Leadership. According to MLB.com's Mark Feinsand, Derek Jeter admitted today that he hasn't spoken with Giancarlo Stanton since he took over the reins of the Marlins. Think of it, the media has been shopping around his $295 million asset everyplace from Boston to Philly to St. Louis to San Francisco—and the ex-captain of The Bronx Embalmers hasn't even checked in with the...
Larry Brown Sports Nov 15, 2017

Derek Jeter says he has not talked trades with Giancarlo Stanton

The Miami Marlins aren’t close enough to trading Giancarlo Stanton that his input has been sought out — yet. Marlins CEO Derek Jeter confirmed Wednesday that the team has looked into trading Stanton, but the team isn’t committed to dealing him yet — and there has been no contact between the player and the front...Read More
Fenway Nation Nov 14, 2017
Gotham Media Petrified That Stanton Could Go To Sox

Gotham Media Petrified That Stanton Could Go To Sox

Nothing scares the media hordes in Baghdad-On-The-Hudson more than the idea of Giancarlo Stanton landing in Boston. This scenario is all the scarier when they consider that a Yankee icon could facilitate that deal. Derek Jeter—as owner and chief baseball honcho of the Miami Marlins—needs to unload as much of Stanton's burdensome $295 million contract as possible. The Red Sox are one of the few teams that could swallow a big chunk of that salary—and also also offer attractive enough players/prospects to to complete the deal. NJ.com's Joe Giglio is virtually apoplectic about this...
Fenway Nation Nov 14, 2017
Derek Jeter's Asking Price For Stanton Is 'Shockingly High'

Derek Jeter's Asking Price For Stanton Is 'Shockingly High'

()According to ESPN.com's Buster Olney, the prospect asking price from the Miami Marlins for Giancarlo Stanton is "shockingly high". It appears that Derek Jeter is asking for the moon—and basically ignoring the ridiculous $295 million albatross that also comes with acquiring the slugger (not to mention the 2020 opt-out provision in his contract). Rumors persist, for example, that Jeter is demanding Andrew Benintendi as the centerpiece of any deal with Boston (likely a non-starter for Dave Dombrowski). Olney surmises that this is probably just posturing by Miami in the early stages of the...

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