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Newark Star-Ledger Jun 25, 2016

How Yankees' Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez helped Twins' Eduardo Nunez become star

Twins infielder recalls his good and bad times with the Yankees.
Bronx Banter Jun 24, 2016

It’s All Right

Hey you guys. Sorry I haven’t been around. Busy, busy and will catch you up...
Twinkie Town Jun 22, 2016

Eduardo Nunez: Worth an Extension?

Eduardo Nunez has turned into one of the best Twins hitters this season. Should the Twins consider locking him up for future seasons? Finding the bright spots in this season have been rather difficult. When asked by fellow SB Nation blog The Good Phight, myjah responded with “pass?” after determining an alcohol joke was maybe a touch off-color considering pitching coach Neil Allen’s issues this year. Nonetheless, the performance from SS/3B Eduardo Nunez has not gone unnoticed, so much so that now the team is even launching a write-in vote campaign for him to go to the All-Star...

Eduardo Nunez makes history

Eduardo Nunez on Thursday became the first Twin to lead off a game with an inside-the-park home run

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