5:30 PM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014

Elvis Andrus slim down, focuses on 2015

There was something different about Elvis Andrus's frame when he was standing with a bunch of kids at a charity event this week. Indeed, the Texas Rangers' starting shortstop is thinner. In 2009, his rookie season, Andrus weighed 185 pounds. But last season, his sixth, he reached 205. Now he wants to get down to about 190. “I think that’s the way I’m going to feel great and help me,” he said. Last season didn’t help Andrus.
Rangers’ Andrus pays visit, donation to SafeHaven of Tarrant County

Rangers’ Andrus pays visit, donation to SafeHaven of Tarrant County

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Elvis Andrus dropping some weight - Elvis Andrus (SS) Texas Rangers

Elvis Andrus told the Dallas Morning News at manager Jeff Banister's introductory press conference on Friday that he's lost 10 pounds since the end of the season.
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Rangers | Elvis Andrus shedding weight

Texas Rangers SS Elvis Andrus said he has lost 10 pounds and plans to lose ...

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