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Halos Heaven Apr 27, 2016

Checking in on some former Angels, and how they're doing in the 2016 season

Hey old friend...how's your season with the new club going? Billy Eppler had a lot of work to do in his first off-season, and part of that included saying goodbye to some longtime, and some short time, Angels. With almost a month of the 2016 season under way, let's do a little audit of Billy's castaways, checking out how some of these old Angels friends are doing on their new clubs. Erick Aybar: This is the big one. Aybar was a fixture at the Angels SS position, and when he was traded(along with a couple big time prospects), fans couldn't help but be sad to see him go, no matter how...

VIDEO: Simmons shows his skills at shortstop

Defense was one of the main reasons the Angels acquired Andrelton Simmons from Atlanta in exchange for their prior shortstop, Erick Aybar*. Simmons exhibited just what he can do defensively Saturday night against Seattle. First video: In the first,...
Halos Heaven Apr 19, 2016

Yunel Escobar is the leadoff hitter savior that the Angels desperately needed

In December of last year, newly-minted Angels GM Billy Eppler made his third move of the off-season that had specific infield implications for the 2016 team. The first was trading Erick Aybar and two top prospects for Andrelton Simmons, which was a shot fired across the bow of many Halos fans pirate ships, heralding the new era of the Angels front office. The second, picking up veteran utility guy Cliff Pennington, was a more low-key bolstering of the infield unit, but it signaled a sea change in the team's defensive outlook. They had the shortstop of the future, and a guy that could fill...
Braves Journal Apr 10, 2016

Cardinals 12, Braves 2

It felt like Julio Teheran had 20 of these starts last year. He got squeezed a bit, got dinked and doinked to death, the defense suffered a collective aneurysm — at this point, we should probably just call Erick Aybar E-6 and be done with it — and he left after four innings with five runs in. […]

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