11:22 PM EST, Mon December 22, 2014
Halos Heaven Nov 25, 2014

3rd Annual Halos Heaven Awards: Wrap-Up

After a ten-day delay, we (finally) wrap up this season's awards, and take a premature look at next season. Let's be real, folks, this was one heck of a season to watch. From my point of view as a fan, I'll be honest, knowing that they clinched the division and made the playoffs was half euphoria, half stress-relief. The season was just an all-around joy to watch. We got to see Mike Trout (UNANIMOUSLY) win his first MVP award (as well as his first All-Star Game MVP award), as well as Erick Aybar get his first All-Star nod. Other fun tidbits include Albert Pujols' first walk-off home run as...

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