7:24 PM EST, Thu January 29, 2015
Lookout Landing Jan 28, 2015

Felix Hernandez has pitched a boatload of innings

Despite being just 28 years old, King Felix has already surpassed 2000 innings pitched. Things you probably know about Felix Hernandez: He plays for the Seattle Mariners. He is very good at throwing baseballs. He has an exceedingly winning smile. Things you may not know about Felix Hernandez: He has won every Elvis impersonation contest that he has entered. In the off-season, he's contracted by NASA to throw fastballs at the moon to help them better understand the physics of meteorite impacts. He's the first player in 21 years to throw more than 2000 innings before turning 29...
Lookout Landing Jan 18, 2015

Yet another reason to appreciate Felix Hernandez

Felix is so good and there are countless reasons to love and appreciate him. Not that you needed it, but here is one more. Although spring training is just 33 days away, I imagine most Seattle sports fans are probably a bit more concerned with what's going to happen later this afternoon in just a few hours. (For those of you who don't go outside, read the newspaper, or use the internet to access anything other than Lookout Landing, the Seahawks are playing a game of football today at 12:05 PM PST.) But before I let you go off and engage in your football watching parties, we're going to have...

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