1:50 AM EDT, Wed April 01, 2015
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Tampa Bay Rays Season Preview: Grant Balfour

I want to tell you everything is going to be fine, but sometimes things just get worse. Here's the deal, I like me some Grant Balfour. He's firey. He's Australian. He's a feel good story -- an unwanted 29-year-old journeyman reliever turned All-Star closer. And, perhaps most importantly, he's a key figure in Rays history: Your browser does not support iframes. But the bad news: He had an awful 2014. He had 62.1 IP with a 4.91 ERA and a 3.95 FIP. The FIP doesn't look so bad, but getting a 135 ERA- and a 105 FIP- from a guy signed for his recent mid-60s ERA- and 80s-ish FIP- is...
Tampa Bay Times Mar 27, 2015

Veteran Grant Balfour aims to return to form for Rays

PORT CHARLOTTE — On a day when the Rays pitched exclusively relievers, Grant Balfour found himself in unusual and yet comforting circumstances Thursday.
Rays Index Mar 16, 2015

[THE HANGOVER] What Rays fans need to know today

The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe. RAYS 8, Mets 4 (boxscore) THE GOOD: The Rays wore light blue socks in honor of Grant Balfour’s father who recently passed away. The elder Balfour was […]
Tampa Bay Times Mar 15, 2015

Rays' Grant Balfour returns after death of father

PORT CHARLOTTE — Grant Balfour sat in the hospital room all day and spent his nights sleeping there on a pullout bed for two weeks, leaving his dying father's side only to go work out and throw.
DRaysBay Mar 15, 2015

Rays to wear light blue socks in honor of Grant Balfour's father

Grant Balfour returns to the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday morning following the loss of his father to pancreatic cancer, and when he enters the clubhouse he will be greeted by a pleasant surprise. To honor the passing of David Balfour, Grant's father and a baseball pioneer in the Australian Baseball League, the Rays will wear light blue knee high socks in solidarity with the Balfour family and the club David Balfour managed. Under the original League, which folded in 2002, David Balfour was the owner and general manager of the Sydney Blues. After the rebirth of the ABL, David Balfour was once...
DRaysBay Feb 28, 2015

On Grant Balfour, Hall-of-Famer, True Ray

Why the story of the most successful Australian baseball player ever matters. Forget the blown saves. Forget the boos. In 30 years, when nomo.red.evil is writing an offbeat trivia article about offbeat halls-of-fame, no one will remember them. Grant Balfour will be the punchline in that article, as on Saturday, he'll become the first Rays player inducted into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame, and with apologies to Wade Boggs, the first True Ray inducted into any hall of fame. When our grandchildren read nomo's flowing prose—as surely they will—they will ask us if we remember the Mad...

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