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DRaysBay Feb 28, 2015

On Grant Balfour, Hall-of-Famer, True Ray

Why the story of the most successful Australian baseball player ever matters. Forget the blown saves. Forget the boos. In 30 years, when nomo.red.evil is writing an offbeat trivia article about offbeat halls-of-fame, no one will remember them. Grant Balfour will be the punchline in that article, as on Saturday, he'll become the first Rays player inducted into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame, and with apologies to Wade Boggs, the first True Ray inducted into any hall of fame. When our grandchildren read nomo's flowing prose—as surely they will—they will ask us if we remember the Mad...
DRaysBay Feb 28, 2015

Watch Grant Balfour's induction into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame

At 2:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,  Grant Balfour will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. As the most successful Australian player in the Major Leagues to date, he was sure to make it in some day, but they've decided to induct him now so that his father, who is battling Pancreatic cancer, can see it. The entire event will be streamed on YouTube. Congratulations, Grant.
Tampa Bay Times Feb 25, 2015

Rays' Grant Balfour heads to Australia to see ailing father

PORT CHARLOTTE — Reliever Grant Balfour left Rays camp to fly home to Australia as his cancer-stricken father took a turn for the worse.
DRaysBay Feb 25, 2015

Grant Balfour wants the closer job.

In Today's tank: Grant Balfour, Evan Longoria and Kevin Cash, Manny Ramirez, Fantasy baseball, Parks and Recreation, 2016 Free Agents, and the first-ever Spring Training Fan Day. Grant Balfour was interviewed over the phone on MLB Network program Hot Stove yesterday, an occasion he used to talk about his charity work, time in Australia during the offseason and his goals for the year to come. The Big Aussie Unit was indeed in Mexico, with his wife, earlier this year as part of the Smile Train charity as we featured on DRaysBay a few weeks ago. Check the link for lots of pictures from Grant...
DRaysBay Feb 11, 2015

Grant Balfour's father, dying of cancer, honored in Australia

The former owner and GM of Sydney's baseball club may never see his son again. Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reported this morning on the "heartbreaking trip from home" of Grant Balfour. The Australian-native had to say goodbye to his father, who suffers from pancreatic cancer, as the new season approaches and he had to fly back to the US. Diagnosed in 2010, doctors gave Balfour's father only a year and a half to live, but he is still going, as Grant Balfour told Topkin. He also suspects he may never see his dad again. On his trip as an MLB Ambassador to Australia this winter,...
Tampa Bay Times Feb 10, 2015

For Grant Balfour, a heartbreaking trip from home

ST. PETERSBURG — His 2014 season had been mostly a mess, and that's more politely than he would put it. Concerns about the massive makeover his Rays team was undergoing heading into 2015 would have been natural.
Rays Index Feb 5, 2015

[THE HANGOVER] Discussing

Grant Balfour has been inducted into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame despite still being an active player. According to Baseball Australia, Balfour’s “inevitable induction” was moved up so that his ailing father could witness this ceremony. Congrats to Balf. THE JUNKYARD DOGS WEBTOPIA… The Rays have confirmed the signings […]
Athletics Nation Feb 4, 2015

Grant Balfour & Matt Stairs to be inducted into Australian and Canadian baseball halls of fame

Balfour's "inevitable" induction was pushed up to ensure his father could attend the ceremony before passing away. Oakland gave Stairs his first chance to make it in the big leagues at the age of 28. Former Athletics Grant Balfour and Matt Stairs will each be inducted into the Baseball Australia Hall of Fame and Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, respectively. Balfour induction to Australian hall accelerated due to ailing father Baseball Australia, that nation's governing body for baseball, will induct reliever Grant Balfour into the Baseball Australia Hall of Fame ahead of its ordinary...
DRaysBay Feb 2, 2015

Grant Balfour makes smiles happen in Mexico

Grant and Angie visited the children's charity Smile Train to create some smiles of their own. Grant and Angie Balfour headed to Mexico this month to visit the Smile Train charity. Smile Train is an international children’s charity dedicated to repairing cleft lip and palate. The procedure is very simple (taking around 45 minutes), inexpensive at $250, and changes a child's life. The surgery not only gives children smiles, it also helps them to eat, speak, and breathe much easier. Nearly 170,000 children are born with cleft palate a year and most in developing countries cannot afford the...

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