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KFFL Sep 27, 2014

Yankees | Hiroki Kuroda may be done

New York Yankees SP Hiroki Kuroda may elect to walk away from Major League Baseball ...
New York Post Sep 27, 2014
Girardi sorry he couldn’t let fans give Kuroda farewell

Girardi sorry he couldn’t let fans give Kuroda farewell

BOSTON — Because manager Joe Girardi was trying to find a way for the Yankee Stadium crowd to thank Hiroki Kuroda on Thursday night, it’s possible the veteran right-hander isn’t...

Will Hiroki Kuroda return?

BOSTON -- Lost in the whirlwind of Derek Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium Thursday night was the reality that it might also have marked the Bronx finales for two other Yankees, Ichiro Suzuki and Hiroki Kuroda. Ichiro is not likely to be back -- he turns 41 in October and can no longer play effectively in more than a couple of games in a row -- but the Yankees would welcome back Kuroda, who turns 40 in February. Kuroda pitched a gem Thursday night -- 8 innings, just three hits and two runs, although two of those hits were first-inning home runs -- but as had happened 11 previous times...
New York Post Sep 25, 2014
Kuroda may join Derek out the door

Kuroda may join Derek out the door

Derek Jeter might not have been the only player playing his final game in The Bronx and heading into retirement on Thursday. Hiroki Kuroda, who started the game, has not...

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