8:05 PM EST, Mon January 26, 2015
Red Reporter Jan 21, 2015

Revisiting Red Reporter's 2006 prospect rankings

How do you think JD did? If you've noticed the current theme, we are celebrating the 10 year birfday of Red Reporter!  What better way to celebrate than to go back in time to when the Reds were bad, and the farm system wasn't very good.  In 2005, the Reds farm system was one of the worst in baseball.  Seriously, I developed minor depression just reading the list.  Homer Bailey and Joey Votto were there, but they were serious unknowns.  So, I decided to buck the trend and speed the clock up a year.  We'll be looking at Arney's Top 40 prospects for 2006!  I'm not going to talk about...

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