2:11 AM EST, Fri December 19, 2014
Bless You Boys Dec 15, 2014

How much has the Tigers' defense improved since 2014?

Spoiler alert: A lot. Over the past couple years, we have seen an inordinate amount of turnover on the Tigers' roster. Nearly all of the team's everyday players from 2013 are now playing elsewhere, and a fair number of regulars from 2014 will be in different roles next season. There has been a consistent theme to all of the new additions, though. Nearly every player the Tigers have added over the past couple seasons is a defensive upgrade over the player he is replacing. Jhonny Peralta was replaced by Jose Iglesias in 2013. Omar Infante was replaced by Ian Kinsler. Nick Castellanos was...
Bless You Boys Dec 9, 2014

Why the Tigers should trade Ian Kinsler this offseason

The Tigers need help in the outfield and the bullpen, but lack the financial flexibility to address those issues. A trade is needed, and Ian Kinsler could be the one to go. It doesn’t take much analysis of the Tigers’ recent postseason history, or their regular season history for that matter, to see that the club is in dire need of an upgrade in their bullpen. It doesn’t take a skilled sabremetrician to detect problems with Anthony Gose and Rajai Davis both starting in the same outfield. It only takes a bit of calculating to see that the Tigers’ payroll is pushing maximum density,...

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