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Fantasy Update

Dec 18, 2014
CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports that free agent Ichiro Suzuki is receiving some consideration from the Orioles.

Some Orioles musings on Padres outfielders, Ichiro and hitting coach options

The Orioles have had talks with the San Diego Padres regarding their outfield depth and are expected to continue to touch base with them, according to industry sources.
Rotoworld Dec 18, 2014

Ichiro receiving some consideration from O's - Ichiro Suzuki (OF) New York Yankees

CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports that free agent Ichiro Suzuki is receiving some consideration from the Orioles.
Lookout Landing Dec 15, 2014

As outfield options dwindle, an Ichiro reunion remains a bad idea

It's only a matter of time before talking heads start suggesting the Mariners bring back Ichiro. Here's why you (and the Mariners) should be inclined to ignore them. There's a pragmatic part of our brains that tends to shut off intermittently during the offseason. Even though we inherently know the sequence of moves doesn't matter, watching other teams make moves at their own, similar pace feels like getting lapped. Sitting in the right lane while car after car creeps by. Logic and reason exits when 29 teams turn into one, a flurry of moves can irrationally become player after player the...
KFFL Dec 9, 2014

MLB | Little interest in Ichiro Suzuki

Free-agent OF Ichiro Suzuki (Yankees) is drawing minimal interest from clubs this offseason despite a ...

Source: Yanks cooling on Chase, like Rob

NEW YORK -- December is the month of giving and receiving, and over the past five Decembers, the Yankees have done plenty of both. Last December, they signed Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Hiroki Kuroda and Brendan Ryan as free agents. In December 2012, it was Kevin Youkilis and Ichiro Suzuki, and in 2011, they added Andruw Jones and Freddy Garcia. December 2010 was a biggie -- the Yankees re-signed Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera to free-agent contracts, and brought in Russell Martin.
Lookout Landing Nov 29, 2014

What the Josh Donaldson trade means for the Mariners

(hint: a lot) Holy shit, you guys. Holy shit. It's gotta be hard to be an Athletics fan. I mean, sure, they have a brilliant GM, and they've been really successful for the last few years. Given where the Mariners have been for the last decade-plus, you'd think I'd be jealous, but... nope. See, a big part of my fandom is forming emotional attachments to players - from stars like Ichiro and Felix to up-and-comers like Miller and Walker right down to scrubs like Mune and Wily Mo Pena. And A's fans don't get to do that. Or, they do, but then they invariably get burned. A fan of any other team...

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