12:50 PM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016

VIDEO: Weaver gives up three solo homers in the fifth

Jered Weaver gave up three home runs in the top of the fifth Friday in Anaheim -- all solo shots from Ronald Torreyes, Didi Gregorious and Brian McCann. The Yankees lead 5-0. Weaver also gave up a leadoff home run to Jacoby Ellsbury in the first. His...

VIDEO: Ellsbury hits a leadoff home run off of Weaver

Jacoby Ellsbury led off Friday's game in Anaheim with a leadoff home run on Jered Weaver's 83 mile-per-hour fastball. The Yankees center fielder sent Weaver's third pitch into the stands near the right field foul pole. Kole Calhoun sprinted toward...
Newark Star-Ledger Aug 18, 2016

WATCH: Here's Yankees' Joe Girardi's next tough conversation

Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury might play less to get Aaron Judge everyday role
Full Count | WEEI Aug 11, 2016

Jacoby Ellsbury offers advice for Andrew Benintendi: ‘Enjoy it because it happens quick’

Jacoby Ellsbury was Andrew Benintendi. Back in 2007, Ellsbury was the 22-year-old outfielder dropped into the middle of a pennant race while experiencing his first foray into Major League Baseball. As the Yankees’ outfielder said before Thursday night’s game, “it’s a third of [his] lifetime” ago. But he can still offer Benintendi some advice when […]
River Ave. Blues Aug 9, 2016

Sherman: Yankees made Ellsbury and Headley available at the trade deadline

The Yankees made both Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley available prior to the trade deadline, reports Joel Sherman. Obviously no teams bit; Ellsbury and Headley are still Yankees. It isn’t much of a surprise the Yankees put those two on the market considering they sold at the deadline. I’m sure they made all their veterans […] The post Sherman: Yankees made Ellsbury and Headley available at the trade deadline appeared first on River Avenue Blues.
New York Post Aug 8, 2016

Jacoby Ellsbury’s base-running blunder a brain cramp: Girardi

Joe Girardi said he had no real explanation for what happened to Jacoby Ellsbury when he took off on Mark Teixeira’s pop-up in foul territory in the bottom of the third. Ellsbury, after a leadoff single, was doubled off by third baseman Jose Ramirez. “The answer made about as much sense as him going,’’ Girardi...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

‘It’s sad the way it’s all gone down’ with A-Rod

From the most veteran Yankees, like CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, to some guys still honing their craft, like Dellin Betances and Didi Gregorius, the reaction to the announcement of Alex Rodriguez’s impending final game was met with a near-universal response. Forget that he has been a great player. He has been an even better...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

Alex Rodriguez forced us to take the good with the bad

DETROIT — Alex Rodriguez should be remembered as one of the best baseball players ever. That he might well do so, depending on how our mores evolve through time, speaks to his greatest contribution to American society. Quite simply, A-Rod can stop playing, if this week truly proves to be it for him, knowing that...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

Derek Jeter congratulates his ex-teammate … Ichiro Suzuki

Derek Jeter chose to congratulate a former teammate on his momentous day Sunday — that person just wasn’t Alex Rodriguez. The former Yankees captain was silent regarding A-Rod’s announcement that his time in The Bronx and possibly his career was coming to an end Friday, but did take the time to salute Ichiro on his...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

Love him or hate him, fans agree it’s time for Alex Rodriguez to go

Before the first pitch was thrown to start the Yankees’ series finale with the Indians Sunday, fans knew the end to Alex Rodriguez’s Yankee playing career was in sight. Understandably, reaction was mixed from fans across the area among the 39,720 on hand. Some were sad, others glad. “I think it’s a good thing. He’s...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

A-Rod’s final game is the hottest ticket in town

Alex Rodriguez’s final game could end up being the hottest Yankees ticket of this dismal season. Demand for an otherwise nondescript battle of the also-ran Bombers and Tampa Bay Rays on Friday shot through the roof after A-Rod announced Sunday he would hang it up after Friday’s game. Shortly before Rodriguez announced his retirement date,...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

A-Rod plays perfect foil to Derek Jeter, right to bitter end

This is why they were always a perfect pairing, Derek and Alex, Alex and Derek, the two of them manning the left side of the Yankees infield for so many years. This is how we will remember them now, with one gone almost two years, the other preparing to say goodbye in five days. See,...
New York Post Aug 7, 2016

What A-Rod’s exit means for his bank account, Hall of Fame odds

Alex Rodriguez has five more days in a Yankees uniform. Here is a glance at five questions facing A-Rod — and the Yankees — in the near future: Q: Does A-Rod get paid the full $26.4 million he is owed through next season? A: You bet. His contract is guaranteed, and if that guarantee held...
New York Post Aug 6, 2016

How amazing few months turned Yanks letdowns into cautionary tales

For the final three months of the 2011 season, Jacoby Ellsbury was the best player in the majors. In those 79 games for the Red Sox, he hit 23 homers, accumulated 52 extra-base hits, stole 14 bases, batted .345 and delivered a 1.040 OPS. Had the Red Sox held on to a mammoth September lead...
DRaysBay Jul 31, 2016

Rays 5, Yankees 3: SWEEEEEEEP!

The Rays swept the Yankees for the first time since 2014, and Brad Miller hit a home run into the Rays tank! Blake Snell was awesome today. It was the kind of performance we'd hoped to see as we watched him work his way through the minors the past few seasons. Snell had the Yankee bats genuinely flummoxed, as he struck out nine over five and a third in impressive fashion. His one glaring mistake came in the top of the 6th inning after walking Jacoby Ellsbury with a 3-0 lead. Snell tossed a change up, that I'm sure he wishes he could have back, that Carlos Beltran deposited into the seats to...