3:59 PM EDT, Sat September 20, 2014
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McCovey Chronicles Sep 17, 2014

Jake Peavy dazzles, Giants gain a game

They gained a game on the Dodgers, not the Brewers. It's kind of weird to care about the Brewers. Edwin Escobar might turn into Corey Kluber. In a year or two or five, we might look at the Red Sox, spoiled with riches and young players, with more than a touch of envy. Escobar might be more than a mid-rotation guy, something might click, and in 20 years, some young Giants fan is going to stumble across his page on Space-Baseball-Reference.space and say, "Dang. What a bad trade." You weren't here, future person. You didn't see. You didn't see how Jake Peavy helped save the Giants. Dang. What...

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