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You don’t really care about this game: Nationals 6, Phillies 3

You don’t really care about this game: Nationals 6, Phillies 3

Photo by Scott Taetsch/ One might say, you could have taken a Knapp In what’s looking like a common refrain, the Phillies lost again, this time 6-3. Jason Vargas ended his season on a sour note, putting what could have been an automatic triggering of his option into some doubt. The offense was pretty ineffective, save a couple of bombs from Cesar Hernandez and Andrew Knapp. The bullpen was bad. Again. This time, the meltdown was courtesy of Edgar Garcia. It’s just another wash, rinse, repeat of a game from the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies. So, instead, it’s stare in awe of some facts...
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Vargas wins! Phillies 9, Indians 4

Vargas wins! Phillies 9, Indians 4

At long last, Jason Vargas is a winner | Photo by David Maxwell/ In his tenth start with the Phillies, Jason Vargas finally earns a win In this day and age, not too much importance is placed on a pitcher’s won-loss record. Many pitchers don’t have records that don’t accurately reflect how well they’ve pitched, and most fans and analysts place far more emphasis on other statistics. That said, it is somewhat telling that Jason Vargas made nine starts before Saturday night, and didn’t earn a win in any of them. But the long nightmare is over. Thanks to a decent amount of run...

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