6:15 PM EST, Tue November 25, 2014
Viva El Birdos Nov 16, 2014

Putting Jhonny Peralta's 2014 into context, and a look at preseason projections

A look at Jhonny Peralta's remarkable season and how it stacked up against the league and Cardinals history. Plus a look our preseason projections for him. You already know Jhonny Peralta had an excellent season for the Cardinals last year, but I have some lists and comparisons that might show it was even better than you think. First, let's unpack the preseason projections. Viva El Birdos have the most bullish projections for Bonny Jhonny, and we ended up the closest because of that. We were thirteen points high in BA, but other than that were remarkably close to his final numbers...
The Cardinal Nation Nov 6, 2014

NL SS Gold Glove Disconnect Suggests Peralta Slighted

SABR Defensive Index ranks Marlins shortstop 14th, yet Adeiny Hechavarria was in the top three of the final Gold Glove Award scoring. The metrics placed Cardinal Jhonny Peralta third.

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