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Twinkie Town May 24, 2016

Royals 10, Twins 4: I can't stand the pain

Joe Mauer hit a home run in the first inning, but not even that is enough anymore. It only took about eight minutes after first first tonight for the Twins to start losing, and sadly, that was actually an improvement over yesterday's game. Oh, and yeah, the Twins still lost. Duh. Sound track for tonight's game recap: The Royals scored first, as mentioned, quite quickly in the top of the first thanks to a pair of doubles from Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain. Being down 1-0 made it seem like the Twins were just doomed, until Joe Mauer, our hometown boy, blasted a solo home run (god forbid...
Twinkie Town May 20, 2016

Blue Jays 3, Twins 2: Rebel Bases Destroyed by Empire

The Twins were unable to overcome their early lead and 8 solid innings by Ervin Santana, fall to Jays in 11 innings. Things started out well, but as they so often do in Twins Territory, they didn't end that way. Bottom of the 1st, Miguel Sano hit a sac fly to center field knocking in Brian Dozier. Bottom of the 3rd, Mauer hit what looked like an RBI double that scored Danny Santana, but Toronto challenged it and Joe Mauer was called out on second base. I checked with some Atlanta Braves fans who pointed out that SS Troy Tulowitzki clearly lifted Mauer off the bag and he should've been...

Lost in the losing: Joe Mauer reverts to 2014-15 numbers after strong start

I hesitated to write this post because 1) it feels a little bit like piling on when the Twins, at 10-29, need no further reminders of how things bad are going and 2) any post about Joe Mauer turns my Twitter mentions into a mess faster than Marco Rubio’s @ messages went that route after he suggested Tim Tebow be given a statue in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall. (This really happened). But here we are anyway because the truth cannot be ignored, nor can it be controversial. It’s a fact: after a strong start that had the Twins organization and fans encouraged that Mauer might be rounding...

Twins try to move on after tough series in Detroit

Joe Mauer talks about a disappointing three days against the Tigers
Twinkie Town May 17, 2016

Twins 2, Tigers 7: Seventh Inning of Sadness

At least Pelfrey didn't no hit us. Things started off solid, as Phil Hughes shut out Detroit for the first six innings, and Joe Mauer and Miguel Sano both hit some sweet sweet solo home runs off of old friend Mike Pelfrey, to put the Twins up 2-0. And then the whole world started to burn. Rome wasn't built in an inning, but the Twins certainly lost in one. After the arguably strange move of removing Hughes after he gave up a lone run in the 7th, Michael Tonkin and Trevor May both forgot what pitching was and gave up 3 runs each, including homers from Ian Kinsler and J.D Martinez. Brandon...
Twinkie Town May 16, 2016

Monday Recap: How the [bleep] do we fix the Twins?

Last Friday I asked all of you for your ideas on how to fix the Twins—you you guys delivered! The Twins are fixed! Okay, not really... but that's only because the Twins have not taken our ideas to heart (I'm sure). Here's what you guys, the best and brightest, came up with: CYHusker responded to the call for help quickly with a plethora or good ideas. Among them those ideas: a literal flaming dumpster in the outfield, more booze, and an absolutely terrific plan for getting the most out of Joe Mauer. Sounds foul proof to me. Brandon Brooks, as he is want to do, responded in poem...

Centeno celebrates first home run

Twins backup catcher had big role in win over Cleveland.

Twins postgame thoughts from LEN3: Centeno, Mauer, Dozier

The Twins halted an eight-game losing streak on Saturday with a win over the Indians. They go for the series win on Sunday.

Postgame: Two hits from a backup catcher? It's rare for Twins

Joe Mauer had a two-hit day, too, to go along with Juan Centeno. Meanwhile, the Orioles neared the Twins' record for back-to-back homers in the abbreviated series.
Twinkie Town May 11, 2016

Pat Dean Makes His Debut as Twins Lose 9-2

The Orioles slugged three homers in dismantling the Twins this afternoon. There wasn't much else that was good in this game. Phil Hughes was knocked out of the game early and suffered his sixth loss already this season. Joe Mauer's second day as leadoff man went much better as he went 2-for-3 with a walk. However, he didn't score either run today as the rest of the offense was meh as usual. Miguel Sano hit a home run. Solo, of course. Juan Centeno had two singles, which I'm sure made most Twins fans believe he's already a more valuable catcher than John Ryan Murphy. As for the bad, there...

Postgame: Two hits from a backup catcher? It's rare for Twins

Mauer has a two-hit day, too, as Twins' leadoff hitter; Orioles near Twins' record for back-to-back homers.
Twinkie Town May 11, 2016

It's about time: Mauer leads off

Despite Monday's rain-out, we witnessed Joe Mauer's name penciled in as the leadoff hitter for the first time in his career. It's about time we finally saw this occur. For a long time, Joe Mauer has been one of the best - if not the best - hitter in the Twins lineup. I'm sure you'd probably disagree with that, but he routinely hit over .300 with an on-base percentage over .400 out of the catcher's spot. I hate to say it, but his MVP season in 2009 might have been the worst thing he could have ever done. That season led to his contract extension, followed by unreasonable expectations from...
Twinkie Town May 11, 2016

Orioles 5, Twins 3: Bats go silent as Orioles take late lead

It was a good game but a 2 out rally in the 9th doomed the Twins. Joe Mauer batting lead-off wasn't enough to net the Twins a win against the Orioles, as they've now dropped 6 straight. The Twins got the first run in the first inning after a pair of singles by Nunez and Dozier and then a sac fly from Trevor Plouffe. Jose Berrios alternated between looking dominant and being a bit wild in this start. He gave up a run in the 4th after a double by Mark Trumbo and then a single by Wieters. In the 5th he got the first two outs but then Manny Machado and Adam Jones hit back to back homers to...

Twins and Orioles expect to play tonight; might be only time this week

Joe Mauer is scheduled to bat leadoff for the Twins in Tuesday's game with the Orioles. Jose Berrios is on the mound. A dreary forecast means this might be the only game played of the scheduled three-game series.

Twins and Orioles expect to play tonight, and it might be the only time this week

Joe Mauer is scheduled to bat leadoff on Tuesday. Jose Berrios is on the mound.

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