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Orange County Register Feb 28, 2015
Dodgers' Peralta grateful for new surroundings

Dodgers' Peralta grateful for new surroundings

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Joel Peralta has been living in a tough neighborhood. “I needed a change,” the veteran reliever said of being traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Dodgers this winter. “Four years in the AL East? I don’t know how I did...

Peralta glad to be out of AL East

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Joel Peralta enjoyed his four seasons in Tampa Bay, but he also was ready for a change. “Don’t get me wrong. Great city, great organization,” Peralta said. “But I think I kind of needed a change of league. Four years in the AL East and those ballparks, man. That’s enough. I’m not a power pitcher. I have to trick guys to get them out and, after facing a guy 50 times, he has a pretty good idea what I’ve got.

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