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Cincinnati.com Jan 30, 2015
MLB Network ranks Cueto, Votto among top 10

MLB Network ranks Cueto, Votto among top 10

MLB Network says Joey Votto is the fourth-best first baseman in baseball and Johnny Cueto is the sixth-best starter.         
Redleg Nation Jan 26, 2015

The Votto Saga: 2012-2014

[This post was submitted by Warren Leeman, better known in the Arctic tundra and Redleg Nation as Shchi Kossack, writing as he says, from the view of the old recliner. Thanks, Warren! Joey Votto played in all of the first 74 games of the 2012 season with a .290 ISO and a 1.121 OPS. He …
Red Reporter Jan 22, 2015

Red Reporter Belated Exit Interviews: Rick House

Next in line is "Rick House", better known as boobs on RR. Rick was in charge for a few really abysmal Reds teams, but the community here was in full swing and with Slyde not ready to take the reins full-time, Rick was a good choice to keep the train JD started rolling. What was the Reds team like when you took over? It seems like the team now is on the other end of the life cycle from when I was over Red Reporter ('08-'09). That team was all about the future; pretty much all anyone wanted to talk about were rookies named Jay Bruce and Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto (who I had just learned...
Redleg Nation Jan 22, 2015

Positive report on Votto health

Good news report from Bryan Price today on the health of first baseman Joey Votto. “Votto has been monitored by Reds strength and conditioning coach Sean Marohn during the offseason. ‘The last report when Sean was up in Toronto earlier this month was very, very good,’ Price said. ‘The strength was outstanding, the stamina was good …
Cincinnati.com Jan 22, 2015
Reports on Joey Votto, Jay Bruce are good

Reports on Joey Votto, Jay Bruce are good

The health of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce is key to the upcoming Reds season.         
Rotoworld Jan 22, 2015

Joey Votto's offseason: 'very, very good' - Joey Votto (1B) Cincinnati Reds

Reds manager Bryan Price said Thursday that reports on Joey Votto's health have been very, very good.
KFFL Jan 22, 2015

Reds | Joey Votto improving

Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto (quadriceps) has been monitored by the Reds strength and conditioning ...
Red Reporter Jan 21, 2015

Revisiting Red Reporter's 2006 prospect rankings

How do you think JD did? If you've noticed the current theme, we are celebrating the 10 year birfday of Red Reporter!  What better way to celebrate than to go back in time to when the Reds were bad, and the farm system wasn't very good.  In 2005, the Reds farm system was one of the worst in baseball.  Seriously, I developed minor depression just reading the list.  Homer Bailey and Joey Votto were there, but they were serious unknowns.  So, I decided to buck the trend and speed the clock up a year.  We'll be looking at Arney's Top 40 prospects for 2006!  I'm not going to talk about...
Red Reporter Jan 21, 2015

Red Reporter Belated Exit Interviews: Joel Luckhaupt

Since this week seems to be "Joel week" more than anything, it's fitting that he's next in line for this series. In my opinion, Joel had probably the most eventful tenure, and a lot of the stuff we're doing today was built by Joel and his regime. What was the Reds team like when you took over? Year 8 of crappy, I believe. There were plenty of reasons to be excited though. Joey Votto was becoming Joey Votto. Jay Bruce was still untapped Jay Bruce. Brandon Phillips wasn't calling reporters fat fucks yet. The Reds were clearly on the precipice of not-as-crappy, and PROVEN GENERAL MANAGER Walt...
Red Reporter Jan 10, 2015

Did Joey Votto steal Pete Rose's move?

One of Joey Votto's most Joey Votto moments had already been done. On April 24, 2012, the Reds were playing the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ballpark. The Reds had a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the seventh, and Dan Otero was pitching, having relieved Matt Cain earlier in the inning. Joey Votto was at bat, and was struck by Otero’s pitch on the right hip. Votto kicked the ball lightly to keep it in front of him as he started towards first, then bent down, picked it up, and gently tossed it to Otero, underhanded, while giving him A Look. It's quick, but it’s there. There’s a...

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