1:28 AM EST, Thu March 05, 2015
Newark Star-Ledger Feb 17, 2015
WATCH: Derek Jeter gets advice on starting a family from ex-Yankees' Johnny Damon

WATCH: Derek Jeter gets advice on starting a family from ex-Yankees' Johnny Damon

Hey, did you know Damon's wife is pregnant with their second child?
Newark Star-Ledger Feb 6, 2015

Bad blood over between ex-Yankee Johnny Damon, Boston Red Sox? (VIDEO)

Damon had accused Boston's ownership of getting cheap on him in 2005
Fenway Nation Feb 6, 2015
Johnny Damon To The NOG:

Johnny Damon To The NOG: "No Hard Feelings"

Is All Forgiven?He was the consummate "Idiot" among a gaggle of eccentric players on the 2004 World Championship team. Now, Johnny Damon seems to be ready to "bury the hatchet" with the Red Sox ownership group. Damon had previously revealed that he wasn't on speaking terms with John Henry ever since his departure in 2005—alleging that the Ichabod Crane-like owner wouldn't pay him the free agent booty he deserved. Of course, many members of The Nation still have not forgiven Damon for jumping to The Evil Ones—regardless of the financial issues at play. In any event, here's what Damon has...

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