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Washington Post Nov 23, 2015

Nats Journal: Nationals reportedly pursuing Darren O’Day; what to do with Jonathan Papelbon

In an effort to overhaul their bullpen, the Nationals have been strongly pursuing free agent reliever Darren O’Day, according to reports. The side-arm, submariner right-hander has been one of the best relievers in baseball over the past several years. His ERA has dropped from 2.28 to 2.18 to 1.70 to 1.52 over four seasons. He has averaged 66 innings and posted no more than a 1.000 WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) each of the past four seasons for the Orioles.Read full article >>

Papelbon’s issue isn’t with teammates. It’s with fans.

There may be no more complex question facing the Nationals this winter than this: What do they do with Jonathan Papelbon? Mike Rizzo acquired the veteran closer at the trade deadline not only because the general manager thought he could help his team down the stretch but because he was signed for another season. The…
CSN Washington Nov 11, 2015

Papelbon's issue is with fans, not teammates

If the Nationals decide to bring Jonathan Papelbon back next season, they don't need to worry about how his teammates will respond. They need to worry about how their fans will react.
Washington Post Nov 10, 2015

Nats Journal: Mike Rizzo on Jonathan Papelbon, Drew Storen: ‘As of today, they’re both in the bullpen’

BOCA RATON, Fla. — The Washington Nationals’ offseason began in earnest on Saturday when free agency officially started. Much of the time since the season ended a month ago was devoted to an extensive managerial search and negotiations, which, after some roadblocks, settled on Dusty Baker. And now, the Nationals’ attention has turned to filling out Baker’s coaching staff and then laying out a plan of attack for improving the roster.Read full article >>
CSN Washington Nov 8, 2015

Baker offers thoughts on dealing with conflict

Dusty Baker had some interesting thoughts on the Bryce Harper-Jonathan Papelbon incident and how he deals with clubhouse conflicts.
Washington Post Nov 5, 2015

Nats Journal: Dusty Baker on Bryce Harper and dealing with fights between teammates

Looking back at the Nationals’ 2015 season, some of the most lasting memories involve Bryce Harper. In a few weeks, he is expected to claim the National League MVP award for one of the best seasons at the plate in recent memory. He was the shining light of the Nationals’ disappointing year. But his run-in with Jonathan Papelbon, who was suspended for four games for grabbing him by the throat, was also a defining black eye  and served as a lightning rod moment for fired manager Matt Williams.Read full article >>
Washington Post Nov 4, 2015

Nats Journal: Bryce Harper has reached out to Jonathan Papelbon, plus Dusty Baker’s experience in such matters

When Dusty Baker is introduced as the new manager of the Washington Nationals on Thursday, he may have one fewer problem to worry about than most assume. Since the end of the season, Bryce Harper has reached out to Jonathan Papelbon to make sure their relationship as teammates is functional next season.Read full article >>

Dusty Baker, Bryce Harper and Barry Bonds

Aside from quickly turning struggling teams into winners, Baker is known for unifying clubhouses, except for a squabble here or Bonds-Kent dugout fight there, and getting players from different cultures and nationalities to get along. While both can turn off teammates, managers and opponents while feeding off their own arrogance, both are difference-makers on a daily basis, top-of-the-era players who’d benefit any team or manager. Harper had his own dugout fight with goofball Jonathan Papelbon and, like Bonds, doesn’t run out routine grounders or lazy fly balls, which managers usually...
CSN Washington Oct 29, 2015

Nationals roster review: Drew Storen

Drew Storen was one of baseball's best closers for four months, but his meltdown following the Jonathan Papelbon trade leaves his future in D.C. very much in doubt.

Roster review: Jonathan Papelbon

Age on Opening Day 2016: 35 How acquired: Trade from Philadelphia for RHP Nick Pivetta, July 2015 MLB service time: 10 years, 64 days 2015 salary+bonuses: $13 million Contract status: Signed for $11 million in 2016 ($3 million to be deferred until 2017), free agent in 2017 2015 stats: 59 G, 63.1 IP, 53 H,…
CSN Washington Oct 28, 2015

Nationals roster review: Jonathan Papelbon

The Nationals' acquisition of Jonathan Papelbon went horribly wrong. Now the organization has to decide what to do with the controversial closer in 2016.

Jonathan Papelbon Photos

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