4:13 PM EST, Fri December 09, 2016

Giants’ expensive pursuit of a closer

The pursuit of a closer is more expensive than ever, and Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jensen are on the verge of breaking Jonathan Papelbon’s record for signing the biggest contract as a closer, $50 million, and Mark Melancon might join the party. With the winter meetings opening Monday at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, the Giants are hot and heavy in the closer’s sweepstakes and reportedly are in serious negotiations with Melancon, meaning they’re willing to spend unlike they ever spent on a closer. The Giants never spent as much as $10 million in any season on a...

Giants lay groundwork for finding a closer

According to speculation at the meetings, which could be no more than agent-speak, the first $100 million contract for a reliever could be near. Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen are young enough and throw hard enough to warrant deals surpassing the $50 million record set by Jonathan Papelbon, whose four-year contract with Philadelphia was signed in November 2011. If the Giants don’t want to pay these prices for a free agent, they could make a trade. Or take a chance on a less expensive free agent such as former Royals closer Greg Holland, whose Tuesday showcase was attended by Evans and...

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