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Los Angeles Times Feb 27, 2015

How Josh Hamilton could serve suspension and not miss a game

With Josh Hamilton, a recovering drug and alcohol addict, suffering some type of a relapse and facing a possible suspension, how many games might he miss?
Full Count | WEEI 9 hours ago

Mike Napoli pulling for ex-teammate Josh Hamilton

Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli spent two years in Texas with Josh Hamilton when the outfielder was at the height of his powers. He knows what a tremendous talent Hamilton is on the field, which made the news about Hamilton’s looming suspension ‘€“ reportedly for a drug relapse involving cocaine and alcohol ‘€“ all […]
Los Angeles Times Feb 26, 2015

Angels' Josh Hamilton will need an improbable comeback to prove worth

As all his teammates assembled for the first time this season, in a clubhouse in Arizona on Wednesday, Josh Hamilton sat in a meeting room in New York, in street clothes, his baseball future on the line.
Orange County Register Feb 26, 2015

Financial implications of a potential Josh Hamilton suspension

TEMPE, Ariz. – Josh Hamilton has not been suspended. There is no confirmation that he has even violated the major league drug policy. That out of the way, there is obviously much curiosity about what happens to Hamilton’s contract and the Angels...
Cincinnati.com Feb 26, 2015
Angels' Josh Hamilton could face suspension

Angels' Josh Hamilton could face suspension

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton is meeting with MLB officials about a disciplinary issue.         

Josh Hamilton reportedly facing suspension and that’s bad news for the Texas Rangers

Former Texas Rangers outfielder and publicity lightning rod Josh Hamilton was in New York meeting with MLB officials Wednesday and faces possible league discipline, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, citing an anonymous …
Halos Heaven Feb 25, 2015

Josh Hamilton Headed Towad Suspension for Drugs

"Drug of Abuse" is not steroids or other performance enhancers. Angels OF Josh Hamilton is heading toward a suspension for using a "drug of abuse" according to numerous MLB sources. It appears he will be undergoing an eighty-game suspension, again, according to unconfirmed but reliable sources from major media organizations. This explains why he has not shown up to Spring Training. This explains why he was rehabbing from his surgery in Houston while his wife is shooting "Real Housewives" in Orange County. The worst thing an addict can do is to relapse and to have that magnified by publicity...
Halos Heaven Feb 26, 2015

Angels Fans Loving or Hating Josh Hamilton

Awaiting word on a suspension... We know a few things and speculate about a few things. How we react to these things depends on who we are. It would be easy to say "We are Angels fans" but this is a deeply divided community of Anaheim. We know that Josh Hamilton met with MLB officials in New York City yesterday about a disciplinary matter. That is all that has been confirmed. Some Angels fans want to cut him from the team immediately. Others though, they don't even want stories about this meeting being posted on the internet. In this era we live in of immediate, reflexive stridency, both...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015
Will Angels Seek Sox OFs With Hamilton Woes?

Will Angels Seek Sox OFs With Hamilton Woes?

Josh HamiltonESPN's Tim Kurkjian is speculating about whether the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (also, Orange County, California, United States of America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe) might go after a Red Sox OF in the wake of the new Josh Hamilton troubles. Apparently, Hamilton will be out for some time after information surfaced about a relapse in his struggle to recover from cocaine addiction. The former AL MVP reportedly met with MLB officials in New York City yesterday, and may be facing a lengthy suspension—or a long stay in rehab. With a boatload of outfielders on...
Halos Heaven Feb 27, 2015

Will New Commish Go Soft on Josh to Spite Arte?

Rob Manfred was opposed by Arte Moreno. Is a comeuppance coming? Josh Hamilton has reportedly admitted using cocaine and alcohol recently. He came forward of his own volition. He met with the powers that be at the MLB headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City earlier this week. Some reports conclude that Josh will be suspended for eighty games based on their interpretation of the labor agreement between MLB and the Players Union governing such things. Others point out that the eighty-game suspension might hinge on many factors - Josh was suspended as a minoir leaguer in the past. He was...
Tampa Bay Times Feb 26, 2015

Reports: Josh Hamilton has drug relapse

TEMPE, Ariz. — Angels leftfielder Josh Hamilton, who has had drug and alcohol problems, met with Major League Baseball officials about a binge that involved cocaine a few months ago, cbssports.com reported Wednesday.
Orange County Register Feb 26, 2015
Miller: Reports of Josh Hamilton relapse no shock, especially to Angels

Miller: Reports of Josh Hamilton relapse no shock, especially to Angels

The headline that day asked, “Will the reward outweigh this risk?” Someone else at the Register wrote that part. What I wrote below that headline included calling the addition of Josh Hamilton “the most risky signing in the history of the...

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