9:50 AM EDT, Wed May 27, 2015
The Republican May 22, 2015

Boston Red Sox lefty reliever Tommy Layne taking splitter lessons from Professor Koji Uehara

Layne communicates through Uehara's translation, but Layne also added, "He (Uehara) knows enough English now where we can kind of get the major points of conversation."
Full Count | WEEI Apr 28, 2015

Step in right direction for Koji Uehara

It was perhaps one of the more worrisome early-season signs for the Red Sox. Not only the image of Koji Uehara blowing the save in Baltimore Saturday night, but doing so with an 85 mph fastball that he clearly didn’t feel comfortable throwing. The result was an ineffective primary pitch (split) and outing. Monday night, […]
The Republican Apr 28, 2015

Boston Red Sox closer Koji Uehara rebounds with more finish on his fastball and splitter

Of his 16 pitches, Koji Uehara threw 11 splitters (at an average speed of 79.5 mph), four four-seam fastballs (at an average of 88.0 mph) and one slider at 82.5 mph, according to BrooksBaseball.net.
Real Reasons to Be Concerned About Koji Uehara

Real Reasons to Be Concerned About Koji Uehara

Every closer blows saves, so it’s no big deal, right? Wrong.

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