10:14 AM EST, Wed February 10, 2016

John Ryan Murphy fills Twins' needs behind plate

The former Yankee is expected to challenge Kurt Suzuki for a starting spot.
Twinkie Town Jan 13, 2016

Time To Hand The Keys To Murphy

Kurt Suzuki has been the starting catcher for the past two seasons, but with his 2014 resurgence appearing to be an outlier, it's time for John Ryan Murphy to take over behind the plate. When the Twins first signed Kurt Suzuki, he was supposed to be an adequate yet unexciting answer to Joe Mauer's move to first base. Coming off four consecutive seasons in which Suzuki hadn't been an offensive threat, the Twins would have been happy with him simply keeping in line with his performance of late while providing solid defense at the position. Instead, Suzuki experienced a career resurgence,...

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