1:59 PM EDT, Mon August 29, 2016
Plain Dealer Aug 16, 2016

Cleveland Indians interested in Kurt Suzuki or do they stand pat at catcher?

Would the Indians be willing to add an offensive-minded catcher such as Kurt Suzuki or will they stand with pitching-oriented catchers Roberto Perez and Chris Gimenez?

The Twins' catching depth behind Kurt Suzuki is really thin

As I wrote for today’s newspaper, a defensible position on why the Twins shouldn’t trade starting pitcher Ervin Santana goes something like this: on a team armed with prospects but short on established pitchers in the rotation, Santana is a commodity with the Twins — so much so that if they dealt him, they might be tempted to sign someone like him next year. So why not keep the known commodity at a known cost ($27 million over the next two seasons)? A similar logic can be attributed to catcher Kurt Suzuki, albeit in a different type of conversation. Where the conversations merge is...