4:51 AM EDT, Tue October 13, 2015
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All Ex-Twins Team, 2015

One last ride for LaTroy Hawkins. In a couple of weeks, this blog will have its tenth anniversary. It's been a lot of fun growing and learning with all of you, and uniting on a common love of all things Twins. I've ran a few quasi-regular features over the years, and one of my favorites has always been the ex-Twins team. Again, we missed doing this in 2007 and 2012, but for the eighth time in ten years I'm happy to present to you a visceral reminder of the good players the Twins let go...and a happy reminder of the rest. If you're interested, here's a look at previous incarnations of our...
Twinkie Town Oct 6, 2015

Tuesday Twins: The season has retired

The season may be over, but the links are not: Torii Hunter said if he had to decide whether or not to play next season by last Sunday, he would choose not to return. Former Twin LaTroy Hawkins, now with the Blue Jays, is 99.9% sure he will retire and reflected on his career after Sunday's final regular season game. Esquire also did a much longer piece on LaTroy Hawkins' career. Miguel Sano will play in the Dominican League this fall exclusively as a third baseman. In case you missed it, Jake Mauer spent two weeks as an extra coach with the Minnesota Twins and had a bunch of...

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