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McCovey Chronicles Nov 23, 2015

McCovey Chronicles Reviews: Madison Bumgarner

The comprehensive review about the best pitcher on the Giants roster that you've all been waiting for but probably already composed in your hearts and during these cold dark nights without Giants baseball... The Man: From the moment you lay your eyes on him, the man stands out. Exceptional. He stands 6-5 and weighs 235. Left-handed, fastball, slider, cutter slinger where the ball appears as though it's coming from first base itself. But this optical illusion is the only thing that's remotely tricky about Bumgarner. Maddy, as they called him, grew up in North Carolina not far from...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 19, 2015

Madison Bumgarner's five 2015 home runs

The DH is terrible Madison Bumgarner is a good hitter in general, but he's a fantastic hitter for a pitcher. In fact, he's good enough that for two straight years he's literally won a trophy bat made out of pure silver* in honor of his hitting prowess. This year, he led the majors in pitcher home runs with 5, just like he did last year with 4. He also hit 2 in 2012, though somehow he missed out on the 3 he should have hit in 2013. We were all wondering what went wrong for the Giants that year, and maybe I just figured it out. *I do not fact check So, having established that Madison...

Giants’ Crawford, Posey, Bumgarner win Silver Slugger awards

Buster Posey added to his haul of silver bats Thursday, Madison Bumgarner got more hardware for being baseball’s best-hitting pitcher and Brandon Crawford completed a sparkling week with his first Sliver Slugger award. Crawford earned his first Gold Glove earlier in the week, so he is the National League’s top defensive shortstop and top offensive shortstop from an awards standpoint. Posey, the Giants catcher, has won three Silver Slugger awards in four years, and Bumgarner has won Silver Slugger honors in each of the past two seasons.
San Jose Mercury News Nov 12, 2015

Giants' Crawford, Posey, Bumgarner earn Silver Slugger awards

Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner take home MLB's Silver Slugger awards
McCovey Chronicles Nov 12, 2015

Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Madison Bumgarner all win Silver Slugger Awards

The Giants had three of the best hitters at their respective positions in the National League, and now they have awards to prove it. Three Giants players were honored with a Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger Award* on Thursday. Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Madison Bumgarner each won awards, which go to the best hitter at each position in both leagues. It's like I've always said: "When you think sluggers, you think the San Francisco Giants of the last few years." This is the third time in the award's history that three Giants have won in the same year, along with 1993 (Barry Bonds,...

Giants’ Affeldt thrilled for Royals, who once traded him away

Giants’ Affeldt thrilled for Royals, who once traded him away Affeldt noted the Giants had two advantages last year, the recent experience of being on that stage - which the Royals enjoyed this year -- and that gigantic horse and cattle rancher from North Carolina who happens to throw baseballs really well. Madison Bumgarner pitched 21 innings in the Series against Kansas City, seven in Game 1, nine in Game 5 and those five platinum relief innings to close Game 7. The Mets had good pitching, but not a guy pitching at Bumgarner levels in the playoffs. Affeldt retired after the 2015...
McCovey Chronicles Nov 3, 2015

On the "This Year's Bumgarner" meme

Yep, I'm breaking out the m-word No one was ever going to be this year's Madison Bumgarner. You knew this. I knew this. People writing "Who will be this year's Madison Bumgarner" articles knew this. My article on Friday was silly and filled with all sorts of fun my-team's-guy-is-better-than-your-team's-guy-especially-you-Royals smugness and incredibly easy to write, like so easy, I can't even tell you, but it was also rooted in an incredulous reaction that the question was so prevalent. Why? Why, after a person does something historic that no one in our lifetimes has ever done before, do...

Bruce Bochy congratulates Kansas City Royals -- and feels renewed gratitude for Madison Bumgarner

SAN FRANCISCO – As Giants manager Bruce Bochy watched the World Series come to a stirring conclusion Sunday night, he felt two overriding emotions: Happiness for the Kansas City Royals. And gratitude for Madison Bumgarner. “That’s what it took for… Continue Reading → The post Bruce Bochy congratulates Kansas City Royals -- and feels renewed gratitude for Madison Bumgarner appeared first on Giants Extra.
Athletics Nation Oct 30, 2015

2015 World Series Game 3: Just get it over with already, Royals

First pitch is 5:07 p.m. PT, and the game is televised on FOX. Ugh. The Royals are gonna win the World Series. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. We're halfway there already and the rest feels like a formality at this point. That's not entirely fair to the Mets, who now get three home games to prove themselves and get back into the series. But, with all due respect, I'll believe it when I see it. I've just watched this Kansas City team shred through every opponent other than Madison Bumgarner over the last year-plus. No matter how much you think you've got a win sealed up, you...

One year ago today: The end of Jeter and the return of A-Rod

Just a random observation a few hours before Game 3 at Citi Field… Last year’s World Series actually ended a year ago yesterday. Madison Bumgarner threw those five innings out of the bullpen on October 29, 2014. The offseason officially got underway the next day, which means the list of Yankees’ official transactions for a […] The post One year ago today: The end of Jeter and the return of A-Rod appeared first on The LoHud Yankees Blog.
McCovey Chronicles Oct 30, 2015

Who is this year's Madison Bumgarner?

Could it be . . . you? At the beginning of the postseason, all the talk was about who would be this year's Madison Bumgarner. Who would be the pitcher who dominated, both starting and, if necessary, in relief? Who would carry his team to a World Series title? I found this photostream from ESPN, and I evaluated whether or not each pitcher on it was this year's Madison Bumgarner, trying to be as objective as possible. I think we'll all be interested in the results. Clayton Kershaw No. David Price Nope. Jake Arrieta Nah. Zack Greinke Pshaw. Gerrit Cole Uh-uh. Cole Hamels Actually, he...
New York Post Oct 29, 2015

Speculating the paydays for 5 key World Series free agents

When the Royals obtained Johnny Cueto in late July, they were trying to seize a moment. They were the defending AL champs and had the best record in their league. They had lost the World Series the year before because the Giants had an historic ace in Madison Bumgarner and they didn’t. So, Cueto made...

Royals vs. Mets in a World Series without Madison Bumgarner

Except they’re all right-handed, throw in the mid to high 90s and beyond and, like Bumgarner when he started dominating October baseball, are too new and inexperienced to know that buckling under pressure is an option. The Mets’ co-ace, 26, who has overcome a firestorm of innings-limits debates involving his agent, general manager, doctor and fan base, will be followed by the old man of the rotation, Jacob deGrom, 27, in Wednesday’s Game 2. When the Series shifts to New York for Game 3, the Mets will use rookie Noah Syndergaard, 23, who can maintain his 100-mph fastball deep into...
McCovey Chronicles Oct 26, 2015

Should Giants fans root for the Mets or Royals?

Two teams enter. One team leaves. Neither of them has Madison Bumgarner, so it can get tricky. I don't know, figure it out yourself. Sorry, sorry, I'm just jealous and bitter because I've spent a month watching baseball games that have nothing to do with the Giants. Look at all those teams having fun. Either the Royals or Mets are going to win the World Series, and they're going to have a parade, and it's going to be so much fun, everyone. As Giants fans, we need to know how this relates to us. It's only important if important people are caring about it, and there isn't anyone more...

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