3:47 PM EST, Sun December 21, 2014
DRaysBay Dec 18, 2014

How am I supposed to feel about the Wil Myers trade?

The important question. When Andrew Friedman left the Rays front office, he left alone. The majority of the brain trust in the Rays front office now is the same group as it was last year when the Rays traded David Price. And not much has changed since the Rays traded Delmon Young and Scott Kazmir and James Shields. When Kazmir and Young were about to fall off the face of the planet, they were gone, bringing back a haul of dependable pieces. When Matt Garza and James Shields were at peak value, they were gone too, bringing back solid pieces to keep the Rays afloat. (Remove a few devastating...
DRaysBay Dec 13, 2014

Comparing the American League East rotations

Who's winning the arms race? The Rays have the reputation of being a pitching factory. And frankly, they have to be if they're going to compete in a league where John Lester gets promised more than twice their entire expected annual payroll. The Rays can't buy pitchers on the open market so they have to draft them or trade for pitchers who have not yet reached their full potential, and then develop them into frontline starters. Edwin Jackson, Scott Kazmir, Matt Garza, James Shields, Wade Davis, and David Price are all gone, traded for prospects, and there's a new crop of young pitchers in...