3:50 AM EDT, Thu April 24, 2014
Newark Star-Ledger 45 mins ago

Matt Harvey still hopes for 2014 return to mound for Mets but has evidence to give him caution

Harvey armed with data showing risks of returning within a year from Tommy John surgery but still hopes to come back in 2014
New York Post 5 hours ago

Wilpon: Flap over Harvey’s middle-finger salute for the birds

Apparently Mets owner Fred Wilpon isn’t too upset with prized pitcher Matt Harvey for posting a picture on Twitter of himself flipping the bird right before he underwent elbow surgery...
New York Daily News Apr 23, 2014
Mets Insider: Harvey the picture of health

Mets Insider: Harvey the picture of health

When he isn't having fun stirring controversy with social-media pictures, Matt Harvey is pushing himself through his Tommy John rehab. The injured Mets ace is continuing to throw off flat ground from 90 feet. The next step is 120 feet, and then he will advance to throwing off a mound.
Newsday Apr 22, 2014

Matt Harvey says his 'arm feels unbelievable' and hopes to be back this season

While Matt Harvey's middle finger triggered a social media controversy, his rehabbing right elbow remains the primary concern for the Mets. And in that regard, the righthander reported Tuesday that his recovery from Tommy John surgery is going "really well."
Newark Star-Ledger Apr 22, 2014

Matt Harvey won't apologize for attention-grabbing tweet; shut down account to stop 'controversy'

Harvey: "It was my decision. It wasn’t with the intention of putting the attention on myself. It was more so a funny little picture I saw this morning and I was genuinely excited six months had already passed."
Newark Star-Ledger Apr 22, 2014

Mets asked Matt Harvey to remove middle-finger tweet but not to delete Twitter account

The Mets said it was Harvey's call to delete his own account, which he did on Tuesday afternoon.

Matt Harvey tweets middle finger photo on anniversary of Tommy John surgery

It's been six months since Matt Harvey underwent Tommy John surgery. What better way to celebrate the milestone than by sharing a photo of yourself flipping the bird?

Harvey deletes Twitter account

NEW YORK -- Matt Harvey's Twitter account is outta here. Harvey's final tweet on Tuesday created a stir. On the sixth-month anniversary of his Tommy John procedure, the rehabbing ace tweeted: "I can't believe it's been 6 months already. #tommyjohn" Harvey attached a photo of himself in his hospital bed in October, with his middle finger raised. Shortly thereafter, the tweet disappeared. Then Harvey's entire Twitter account was deleted. He had amassed more than 100,000 followers.
New York Post Apr 22, 2014

The picture that finally got Matt Harvey off Twitter

It’s been six months since Matt Harvey had Tommy John surgery. Which means it’s been about two minutes since his most recent digital faux pas. And it may be his last....
MetsBlog Apr 21, 2014

Hefner and Harvey throwing from 90 feet

Matt Harvey and Jeremy Hefner took another step in their rehab from Tommy John this past week, each tossing a baseball from 90 feet. They will eventually advance to 120 feet. Harvey told reporters he expects to be throwing off a mound at some point in June. “I can’t wait to get back up there,” Harvey said, […]
New York Daily News Apr 20, 2014
Mets Insider: Harvey takes another step

Mets Insider: Harvey takes another step

It was a tough day for Matt Harvey’s favorite hockey team, the Rangers, but overall a good weekend for the pitcher. Harvey took another step in his rehab from Tommy John surgery Friday.

Matt Harvey, Rangers cheerleader

Matt Harvey attended Game 1 of the New York Rangers playoff series against the Philadelphia Flyers. Here, Harvey is caught on video by the Jets' Mo Wilkerson cheering on the Rangers.
Newark Star-Ledger Apr 18, 2014
WATCH: Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson, Mets' Matt Harvey celebrate Rangers goal vs. Flyers

WATCH: Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson, Mets' Matt Harvey celebrate Rangers goal vs. Flyers

Wilkerson captured Harvey chanting to the Rangers' goal song at MSG on Thursday night.
Mets 360 Apr 16, 2014

Mets Card of the Week: 2014 Matt Harvey

2014 TOPPS MINI DIE-CUT MATT HARVEY Episode 7F16 of The Simpsons is a classic entry from 1991 named “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”– a title cribbed from Preston Sturges’ 1941 comedy Sullivan’s Travels, and later appropriated by the Coen brothers for their Depression-era riff on Homer’s “Odyssey.” In the episode, Homer (the Springfieldian one, not the ancient Greek) discovers through a cascading series of events that he has a long-lost half-brother. Herb Powell (voiced by Danny DeVito) turns out to be the rich, successful head of a Detroit-based auto company. But for all his...

Harvey attends Knicks game

Matt Harvey enjoyed his off day. The Mets ace attended Sunday’s Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, sitting next to model Asha Leo, as shown in photos in today’s New York Post. Harvey, who is rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery, …

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