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Padres Public Jul 2, 2015

While You Were (Day) Drinking 2015 Game 80 (SEA vs SD)

Matt Kemp Id boo us too, the way we are playing.— Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) July 1, 2015
Gaslamp Ball Jun 30, 2015

Matt Kemp batting in the leadoff spot isn't ideal, but it's creating magic

I love when 1090's Marty Caswell shoots POV video of her interviews.  It's like I'm there and my voice sounds like hers and better questions than I could ever think of are coming out of my mouth. Then, Matt Kemp, who's standing right in front of me, talks about his work ethic by saying "I just keep grinding.  I just... keep... grinding." and my jaw hits the floor, my heart skips a beat and my mind goes elsewhere.  And  when I think the hot flash is over he says "I just get my work in and get in that groove." and looks directly at me.  My knees get weak. Kemp has no complaints about...
Friars on Base Jun 27, 2015

Padres News: Kemp Hitting Leadoff

Pat Murphy and the San Diego Padres are trying anything they can to mix up the lineup, and get a win.  The latest change came in the form of Matt Kemp hitting leadoff.  Kemp has not hit in the leadoff slot since the 2010 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Having Kemp hitting leadoff is […] Padres News: Kemp Hitting Leadoff - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Lineups: Matt Kemp again leading off

Padres have dropped first two games with their new leadoff hitter.
Padres Public Jun 24, 2015

A Brief Defense of Matt Kemp, Leadoff Hitter

The Padres have shifted Matt Kemp in the lineup tonight from his usual cleanup slot to leadoff, a seemingly peculiar move for a player who has posted a .281 on-base percentage with 13 walks on the season. The move has been met, no surprisingly, with a good deal of outage on Twitter, as many fans and analysts have been clamoring for Kemp to move down in the order for weeks now. While I wouldn’t go so far as to classify it as a good move, it’s hard to get too upset about it. First, lineups don’t really matter, not in the way people want to believe they do. Most ... Read the full...

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