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Orange County Register Aug 25, 2015
On deck: Dodgers at Reds, Wednesday, 4 p.m.

On deck: Dodgers at Reds, Wednesday, 4 p.m.

Where: Great American Ball Park TV: SportsNet LA, 4 p.m. Did you know: Adrian Gonzalez leads all active major leaguers in career slugging percentage at Great American Ball Park. In 104 at-bats entering Tuesday, he slugged .692. Second is Matt Kemp,...
Preview: Cardinals at Padres

Preview: Cardinals at Padres

SCOUTING REPORT • The Padres have won seven of their 10 series since the All-Star break, with off-season acquisition Matt Kemp leading the way. Kemp, who came from the Los Angeles Dodgers, has…
Gaslamp Ball Aug 17, 2015

Matt Kemp Was The Series MVP Against The Colorado Rockies

He was. Oh yeah, hes series MVP too. Unless....— Friar Fever (@FriarFever) August 15, 2015 The "unless" was just in case there was a no hitter/perfect game/ 4 home run game/etc. that will be somewhat equal to the excitement of seeing Matt Kemp hit for the first cycle in San Diego Padres history. But since none of those things happened, Kemp stands alone atop Mt. Series MVP until the next player climbs to the summit. It happens pretty often so it's not an impressive feat to climb Mt. Series MVP, but still. SUCCESS. I was going to write this directly following the cycle, but of course...
Gaslamp Ball Aug 15, 2015

Watch Matt Kemp hit for the cycle again

Because you can't get enough. We've already recapped Matt Kemp's cycle, one hit at a time. But now you can watch (and re-watch over and over again) each hit one after the other, alongside the calls from both Padres TV and radio broadcasts. Your browser does not support iframes. I'm not sure this video will ever get old. This accomplishment and this game will go down as one of the most unforgettable and momentous events in Padres history. These calls will be burned into our memories, and Kemp's smile burned into our hearts, for the rest of our lives. I still can't get over the joy I feel....
NoNoHitters.com Aug 15, 2015

Kemp hits first Padres cycle, will a no-no follow?

Matt Kemp become the first San Diego Padres player to hit for the cycle on Friday night, knocking one rare feat off of the team’s bucket list. The team is still seeking its first no-hitter after 7,444 games. Kemp notched his cycle at Coors Field against the Colorado Rockies during the Padres’ 9-5 win. He …
Gaslamp Ball Aug 15, 2015

SD 9, COL 5: Through victory, Matt Kemp makes Padres history

The Padres won the Matt Kemp trade. A.J. Preller brought a cycle to San Diego fans. Nothing can stop us now. It happened. It finally happened. Through all of the ups and downs of the 2015 season so far, and with myself writing recaps for most of those downs, we get to witness one of the biggest ups in San Diego baseball history. God, I love baseball. I love the Padres. Tonight is all we're going to be talking about for at least the rest of August, but it's nice to remember there was still a game surrounding the magic that Matt Kemp gave us all. Tyson Ross got to start in today's...

WATCH: Matt Kemp's cycle-clinching triple

In Game No. 7,440, the Padres finally have their cycle.
Friars on Base Aug 15, 2015

Padres News: Matt Kemp Hits for First Cycle in Padres History!

Well the San Diego Padres got one monkey off their back in Colorado Friday night. It may not be a World Championship, and it may not be a no-hitter, but no longer do the Padres carry the tag of “Franchise without hitting for the cycle” thanks to one Matt Kemp. No matter how you view […] Padres News: Matt Kemp Hits for First Cycle in Padres History! - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
Gaslamp Ball Aug 15, 2015

Recapping Matt Kemp's historical night as the first Padre in history to hit for a cycle

A San Diego Padre hit for the cycle tonight. Matt Kemp. San Diego Padre. Hit for the freaking cycle. When we look back on 2015, there will be a lot of disappointing memories. A lot of expectations that weren't met. A lot of frustrating moments on which to hang our heads. But there will also be tonight. The night Matt Kemp made history and hit for the first ever San Diego Padres cycle. For a franchise that has had little to celebrate, especially in recent years, finally getting this monkey off our backs is such a mix of positive emotions. I know I personally was a bit of a wreck after it...
Gaslamp Ball Aug 15, 2015

Matt Kemp hits for the cycle! The first in Padres history!

OMG, did you guys see it?!  Did you see the first cycle in Padres history?  It finally happened.  Matt Kemp did it.  It was his first cycle too. This is all too much for me right now.  DEEP BREATHS! Lived to see it! Like so many #Padres fans: 1st cycle in team history after Matt Kemp triple in the 9th in Denver. Well done Matt. Congrats — Ted Leitner (@TedLeitner) August 15, 2015 Check my math but the Marlins are the now the lone team without a cycle.  Sucks to be them. It came down to Matt Kemp's final at bat and he needed a triple of all things.  Those aren't easy. I heard...
Gaslamp Ball Aug 15, 2015

Retire Matt Kemp's Number

Matt Kemp made history tonight. Let's never forget it. Twenty-two times. That's how many times Tony Gwynn was one hit short of a cycle in his 2,440 career games. That accounts for nearly one third of the 7,444 games of Padres baseball since the club's inaugural 1969 season. He's unquestionably the greatest baseball player to ever call San Diego home, and there was no question that when Tony retired, the Padres would retire his number. Matt Kemp is not Tony Gwynn. He's not a career Padre. His batting average is 50 points below Tony's. But number 27 should go on top of that batter's eye in...
Gaslamp Ball Aug 12, 2015

Reds 7, Padres 3: No sweep for Shields

The Padres, presumably under ownership's orders to make brown look bad, lost yet another Wayback Wednesday game today, and it was uglier than any fashion that came out of the '80s. After giving up three runs in the first, James Shields was given a gift by Second Half Matt Kemp, which he blew by balking in the game-winning run in the third. It's not entirely fair to pin the loss solely on Shields, since the offense came up silent after the first and the bullpen let the Reds pile on, but the fact is that the team's number one starter got sloppy and gave his opponents a free run. Of course,...
Gaslamp Ball Aug 10, 2015

Meeting Matt Kemp and wearing his Oakley sunglasses

Oakley is a sponsor of SB Nation and Gaslamp Ball.  You've no doubt noticed the Matt Kemp advertisement on our page all season.  It's actually probably the best looking ad we have due to Matt Kemp being part of it and it's color scheme that looks so good in conjunction with Gaslamp Ball's new retro Padres colors. Well last week Oakley unveiled a new video featuring Matt Kemp talking about his One Obsession for baseball and his other obsession for stylish sunglasses that both protect his dreamy eyes and help him to perform better on the field.  Here check it out, I like that they use Ted...
Gaslamp Ball Jul 30, 2015

Justin Upton Is The Series MVP For The Padres Against The Mets

Justin Upton Is The Series MVP For The Padres Against The Mets Another series, another series win. This is getting nice for the Padres. In the last series, the Padres Bullpen won the Series MVP by 1 vote with 40% over Matt Kemp at 38%. In this series, it was one man. Justin Upton is the Padres Series MVP against the New York Mets. Batters Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Almonte 4 0 0 4 Alonso 1 12 5 18 Amarista -2 -1 0 -3 Barmes X 0 -3 -3 Gyorko -4 1 0 -3 Hedges X 2 0 2 Kemp -2 6 7 11 Norris 0 X 25 25 Solarte 0 16 2 18 J. Upton -5 13 13 21 M. Upton...

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