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Fantasy Update

Nov 26, 2014
Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports the Giants have initiated talks with a number of free agents, including Max Scherzer.
KFFL Nov 26, 2014

Giants | San Fran in on Max Scherzer

Free-agent SP Max Scherzer (Tigers) has had contract talks initiated by the San Francisco Giants.
Rotoworld Nov 25, 2014

Heyman: Giants have reached out to Scherzer - Max Scherzer (S) Detroit Tigers

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports the Giants have initiated talks with a number of free agents, including Max Scherzer.

Could the Nationals make a play for a free agent starter such as Max Scherzer?

Let’s first establish this: The Nationals don’t need a starting pitcher. The rotation of Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann, Doug Fister, Gio Gonzalez and Tanner Roark was the best in baseball last season by many measures — ERA, FIP, WAR, take your pick — and (barring a trade) will return for 2015 after forming the backbone of a […]
New York Daily News Nov 20, 2014
Brian Cashman hints he won't pursue big signings

Brian Cashman hints he won't pursue big signings

Will the Yankees pursue a big-time free agent such as Max Scherzer or Jon Lester?

NL exec: Yanks 'sleeping giants' for Max Scherzer

A perception is out there that the Yankees, in the words of one NL executive, are "sleeping giants" on Max Scherzer. That by the end of the winter, they will be players for arguably the best ace on the free-agent market. That is the perception. But the reality, according to a source with knowledge of the Yankee plans, is that the team is avoiding long-term, nine-digit contracts for players 30 and older. Scherzer turned 30 on July 27, 2014. A source did add, "Never say never," but emphasized the initial plan is to try to re-sign Brandon McCarthy and not go after the top tier of Scherzer, Jon...
Bless You Boys Nov 19, 2014

Why would the Tigers trade David Price and re-sign Max Scherzer?

The short answer: to keep pushing for a World Series title. Yesterday's news that the Tigers were exploring a trade of David Price in order to clear room for a Max Scherzer extension was interesting, but something with the rumor didn't sit right. Jesse Spector of Sporting News picked up on our rumor, and his take was that the timing of the news didn't make sense. That would be quite a risk for Dombrowski to take, given that the season still is nearly five months away. If Detroit aims to sign Scherzer or anyone else for big money, it would make far more sense to be sure to have them under...
Bless You Boys Nov 19, 2014

What would the return on a David Price trade look like for the Tigers?

It may be more than you think, but don't expect a king's ransom. Yesterday, we reported that the Tigers were potentially shopping David Price for a trade this offseason. The payroll space could potentially be used to sign Max Scherzer to a long-term contract extension. The trade itself is one strategy that the Tigers could use this offseason to shore up areas of need elsewhere on the roster. In particular, the Tigers could stand to add another corner outfielder, a starter under club control for multiple years, or more bullpen help. It's unreasonable to expect multiple All-Stars or top...
KFFL Nov 19, 2014

Yankees | Unlikely to pursue Max Scherzer

Free-agent SP Max Scherzer (Tigers) is unlikely to be pursued by the New York Yankees.
Bless You Boys Nov 18, 2014

Rumor: Tigers may be shopping David Price for trade

A potential move could clear payroll to re-sign Max Scherzer to a long-term extension. If everything goes to plan, David Price's tenure in Detroit may be shorter than we thought. BYB has learned through a source that the Tigers "may be shopping David Price" to other teams this offseason. A potential deal, in theory, would clear up room for the Tigers to sign Max Scherzer to a long-term contract. A Scherzer deal seemed like a longshot at the beginning of the offseason considering he and the Tigers were unable to work out a contract extension last February. However, both our source and Tony...
Over the Monster Nov 14, 2014

Red Sox free agent targets: Max Scherzer

If you're going to sign someone to a huge contract, it might as well be the best guy out there. Quick quiz! Of all the players featured in our Red Sox Free Agent Targets pieces here at OTM (Pablo Sandoval, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller, James Shields, Russell Martin, and now Max Scherzer), which player was the most valuable last season (we'll go by rWAR)? The answer, obviously, is Scherzer. Same is true if you're using Baseball Prospectus's WARP stat, though, oddly, FanGraphs has Lester as a half win better than Scherzer last season. I'll just let that one lie there and move on to telling you...
Bless You Boys Nov 13, 2014

Does re-signing Victor Martinez mean Max Scherzer is done in Detroit?

After giving Victor Martinez a large contract extension, could the team still sign Max Scherzer? Prior to the 2014 season, Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski announced that the club had made a lucrative contract offer to then-current Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer. The offer was reported to be worth $144 million over six years, averaging $24 million per season. It would have made Scherzer one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball. The announcement was very unusual. Dombrowski has a reputation for keeping contract negotiations close to the vest and rarely comments on contract...
Bless You Boys Nov 10, 2014
Tigers report card: Drew Smyly was a great fifth starter in 2014

Tigers report card: Drew Smyly was a great fifth starter in 2014

He had more fWAR than Doug Fister! One of the reasons why the Tigers were able to trade Doug Fister to the Washington Nationals is because of Drew Smyly. After a solid rookie campaign in which Smyly allowed a 3.99 ERA and 3.83 FIP in 99 1/3 innings, he spent all of 2013 in the bullpen. The starting rotation of Fister, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez, and Rick Porcello put up a record-setting 25.2 WAR. With all five players under club control for the 2014 season, it seemed like the group would get another chance to dominate the rest of the American League. Smyly would be...
Bless You Boys Nov 8, 2014

What was the Tigers' best defensive play in 2014?

The image sort of gives it away, doesn't it? As part of the SB Nation MLB awards, we are nominating and voting on the Tigers' best defensive play from 2014. The Tigers weren't a great defensive team by any stretch, but there were a few good plays among all of the errors and gaffes. There was also one play that stood above the rest, so today's poll will simply be champion vs. challenger. The champion: Ezequiel Carrera's catch I mean... It was amazing. Jacoby Ellsbury -- who has god-like numbers against Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer -- scorched another Scherzer pitch to deep left center. It...
Plain Dealer Nov 5, 2014

MLB free agent class 2015: Starting pitchers rule the roost

Starting with Max Scherzer, Jon Lester and James Shields, the 2015 free agent class of starting pitchers promises to be as talented as it is deep.
Newark Star-Ledger Nov 4, 2014

MLB hot stove: Yankees not targeting Max Scherzer, Jon Lester, Pablo Sandoval

Rather, Yankees would prefer to retain Chase Headley, Brandon McCarthy

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