10:46 PM EDT, Fri October 24, 2014
Saunders wins community service award

Saunders wins community service award

SEATTLE — Outfielder Michael Saunders is this year’s recipient of the Moose Clausen Award, which is given by the Mariners RBI Club in recognition of “significant contributions” to the community. The RBI (Real Baseball Involvement) Club is an organization of Mariners’ season-ticketholders who are active in the community. The Clausen Award is given each year to an active or retired member of the Mariners’ organization. The organization cited Saunders’ involvement in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Major League Baseball’s “Going to bat against breast cancer”...

The Mariners and Michael Saunders -- a relationship gone awry

This isn't simple, not for the Mariners, not for Michael Saunders. One side isn't right but the other side isn't wrong. It's basically two parties offering different criticisms and explanations for a situation that seems to have gone awry. There have been insinuations and minor accusations leading to hurt feelings and sense of disrespect. There obviously hasn't been enough communication. And in the end, there isn't a simple solution or fix. Beyond all the conjecture and emotion from fans and others, there is a disconnect between the outfielder and the organization. Will it be solved before...
Lookout Landing Oct 9, 2014

Michael Saunders' agent has some choice words for the Mariners

Jason Churchill from CBS Seattle gets an interesting take from Michael Saunders' agent. Michael Saunders' agent is unhappy. That's the brief lede, the tl;dr summary of the latest Mariners drama set to unfold over what are going to be five excruciating months before the first pitch of 2015's Spring Training has been thrown. It's thankfully not the most damning thing that could have emerged out of the strange final months of the M's unpredictably successful 2014, nor will it be the biggest story of the offseason. The sheer number of similar incidents to this that go unreported are probably...
Seattle Times Sep 28, 2014

Michael Saunders’ future in Seattle in question

Michael Saunders gave yet another example of the player that he could be in the final game of the Mariners’ season.

Mariners beat Angels to (barely) stay alive: “Game 161 and we’re still in it. It’s awesome.”

(With the Seahawks on a bye-week vacation, I pinch-hit tonight for Bob. He had a personal planes-trains-automobiles day with delays in airports trying to get back from Toronto that would have impressed John Candy and Steve Martin. Not sure it impressed Bob much, though.) What I saw at Safeco tonight: The Mariners passed out white towels on Fan Appreciation Night. It was a sea of ivory waving throughout the yard when Dustin Ackley, Kendrys Morales and Michael Saunders hit home runs. No, these white flags were not signaling a Seattle surrender. Not yet. … Read more »

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