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McCovey Chronicles Dec 8, 2014

The Giants and Jon Lester

The Giants need a starting pitcher, they have the clams to shop at the fancy stores, and they're reportedly interested in Jon Lester. According to Bobby Evans (on KNBR), the Giants still think they're in the Pablo Sandoval sweepstakes, with Sandoval's agent vehemently denying all of the rumors that a deal is done. Then a photo started circulating of Pablo on a plane to Boston. By "photo" I mean "hilariously ambiguous photo." Why take a picture of his face when you can take a picture of the top of his head? He's probably gone, though. I don't know what this last-second subterfuge is all...
Boston Herald Dec 6, 2014
Middlebrooks’ future with Sox ‘blurry’

Middlebrooks’ future with Sox ‘blurry’

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic — When the Red Sox introduced Pablo Sandoval at Fenway Park last week, they cited his postseason prowess, his production from the left side of the plate and his above-average defense as the primary reasons for signing him.Left unsaid: Sandoval is a $95 million repudiation of Will Middlebrooks.
Over the Monster Dec 2, 2014

Daily Red Sox Links: Jon Lester, Pablo Sandoval, Yoenis Cespedes

Today's links look at the Jon Lester Sweepstakes, the Pablo Sandoval decision, the trouble with restricted free agents and what happens when the Twitterati goes rogue. With the hot stove sitting at "simmer", a look at where the Red Sox are with the Jon Lester deal... (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald) ... how their offer compares to the Cubs' ... (Mark Gonzales; Boston Herald) ... why the Sox need him more than they or the Giants do ... (Jason Mastrodonato; MassLive) ... what they were thinking picking Pablo Sandoval over Chase Headley ... (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal) ......
McCovey Chronicles Dec 1, 2014

Pablo Sandoval, Josh Donaldson, and YOU

Okay, maybe not you Oh hi, it's me, the link dump guy. Perhaps you are wondering why this isn't a link dump. Well, Grant saw my list of ideas for the site: You can't just pass up hot topics like those! So let's get started. Last week, both Bay Area baseball fanbases lost their third baseman. Pablo Sandoval decided he really liked old brick churches, so he signed with Boston. The A's traded Josh Donaldson to the Blue Jays for a package headlined by Brett Lawrie, which is among the sadder phrases in the English language. Neither fanbase, as you might imagine, was happy. The Giants lost a...
Fenway Nation Nov 25, 2014

Red Sox Make Panda Deal Official, Will Be #48

The Red Sox made it official just before a 1PM news conference—stating they had signed Pablo Sandoval to a five-year contract. The release also noted that there is a team option in the contract for a sixth year. To make room on the 40-man roster, the team designated catcher Ryan Lavarnway for assignment. The Panda—sure to be a fan favorite at Fenway Park—will play third base and wear uniform number 48. Sandoval has a lifetime .304 average against right-handed pitching—and hit .317 against righties in 2014. It's expected that Sandoval will be introduced to the media at a 1PM press...
Gaslamp Ball Nov 25, 2014

Padres offered Sandoval more than $100M in 5-year deal

All the rumors over the past week had suggested that the Padres had offered Pablo Sandoval a 5-year contract in the $90-95 million range.  Sources told the UT's Dennis Lin Monday night however, that the Padres actually offered more than the Red Sox and Giants, but their contract offer didn't include a 6th year as an option which is apparently what Sandoval wanted, among other things. Source: Padres offered over $100M Sandoval, the top third baseman on the market, declined an unprecedented Padres bid of more than $100 million, according to a source. The offer was for "more than five...
Boston Herald Nov 25, 2014
Mark Purdy: Pablo Sandoval yielding to Boston love

Mark Purdy: Pablo Sandoval yielding to Boston love

Let us assume, for the sake of the next several paragraphs, that the reports are all correct.Let us assume that the Giants offered equal money — or even better money — to Pablo Sandoval before he signed with the Boston Red Sox on Monday.So the dollars and term of contract weren’t the decisive issues.What were?Persuasion and love.The Red Sox finished first in both those categories, it would seem.
Fenway Nation Nov 25, 2014
'Pand-Ley' Mega-Deal Puts Sox Back On Map

'Pand-Ley' Mega-Deal Puts Sox Back On Map

(USATSI)Say what you will about the NOG (and we certainly do whenever we get the chance), they were clearly embarrassed enough by 2014 to open their wallets for 2015. With the signings of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval (let's call the signings "Pand-Ley" for short), they have re-made their line-up in one fell swoop. Now, the next (and some would argue more important) challenge is putting together a credible starting pitching corp. With a ridiculously crowded outfield (Shane Victorino, Yoenis Cespedes, Rusney Castillo, Mookie Betts, Daniel Nava, Allen Craig, Jackie Bradley, Jr.—and now...
Halos Heaven Nov 25, 2014

Should the Angels Trade David Freese to the Post-Panda Giants?

Without the Panda, Frisco might need Freezin'... When three-time world champion Pablo Sandoval signed with the Boston Red Sox on Monday, his former team was left with Joaquin Arias as the highest ranking 3B on the team's depth chart. Could this put them in the market for a 3B with clutch postseason numbers, innings-guaranteed health and a league average glove? I offer them David Freese, a veteran 3B who has never been told to lose weight. Considering that they just saved one hundred million dollars when Sandoval chose to age gracefully DH-ing toward the Green Monster, the Frisco Dynastics...
Boston Herald Nov 25, 2014
Buckley: Don’t forget the arms

Buckley: Don’t forget the arms

At the risk of throwing broken glass in the path of the rolling rallies to celebrate the arrivals of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, does anyone know the Red Sox’ Opening Day starter?We can agree that pitching is the so-called “other shoe” to drop in all this. Right? The Red Sox are ready to introduce Sandoval, who will tell us how he got his cool Kung Fu Panda nickname. And next to him will be Ramirez, the onetime Red Sox prospect who’ll tell us he always dreamed of returning to Boston. And then it’ll be all about pitching. Right?
“He wanted to try something new.” Sandoval leaves Giants, signs with Boston Red Sox

“He wanted to try something new.” Sandoval leaves Giants, signs with Boston Red Sox

Pablo Sandoval caught the final out of the World Series last month and immediately fell to the ground, kicking off a joyous championship celebration. That turned out to be his last act in orange and black. Sandoval agreed to a… Continue Reading → 
McCovey Chronicles Nov 24, 2014

The best videos from Pablo Sandoval's career as a Giant

I'll write a blog that reminds us of the good times; I'll write a blog that reminds us of the bad times.Oooohhhhhh, Daaaanny Boyyyyy ... Today is a sad day. Pablo Sandoval is no longer on the Giants. I will spend the afternoon putting my daughter's Giants Pillow Pet panda on a raft, pushing it into Lake Chabot, and firing flaming arrows at it. Also, evading the police. Today is a sad day. But there were good times, no? There were good times. Let us remember the good times. Here are the top Pablo moments from his Giants career, presented in chronological order. As usual, I screwed up and...
San Jose Mercury News Nov 24, 2014

Giants statement regarding Pablo Sandoval's departure

San Francisco Giants wish Pablo Sandoval the best with the Boston Red Sox, say they will miss the 2012 World Series MVP.

It’s official: Pablo Sandoval going to Red Sox, plus SF Giants’ response

The Giants and the fans in San Francisco are losing their Kung Fu Panda. Third baseman Pablo Sandoval on Monday agreed to a five-year contract with the Red Sox reportedly worth about $100 million, spurning a similar offer from the Giants to return. Sandoval is expected to appear at a news conference in Boston on Tuesday after the deal is finalized. Sandoval’s departure will leave a lot of holes – in the middle of the Giants’ lineup and in the hearts of fans who came to love their roly-poly, bad-ball-hitting third baseman. Sandoval’s agents, Gustavo Vasquez and Michael Sandoval, spent...

Padres should trade for Yoenis Cespedes

The Padres missed on Pablo Sandoval, but there's no reason they still can't make a big deal.

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